Interested In a Single Storage Bed?

October 08, 2021

Looking For a Single Storage Bed?

If you’re looking for a single storage bed, then you’re in good company and here at Beds on Legs we’ve got stacks on offer. Without a doubt a single storage bed can be a real game changer as these nifty beds utilise the whole area under the bed. A space that is often a redundant no man’s land!   Furthermore, a single storage bed is a great option for children’s bedrooms as it can give them much needed space in what might be a smaller bedroom. With a bit of luck, it might even help them keep their bedroom tidy. Well, we can all dream!


Single Storage Bed

What Is a Storage Bed?

A storage bed is quite simply a bed that you can store things in. However, you can get different types of storage beds. Depending on what your needs are will determine which one to get. If you only require a moderate amount of storage, then a divan with drawers could be just the ticket. The advantage of a divan is that the storage is easily accessible. It is also the most budget friendly single storage bed.


However, if you want to maximise on your storage potential then you can’t go wrong with an Ottoman bed. These beds make use of every available inch under the bed. Indeed, no room for creepy crawleys under one of these bad boys!  An Ottoman bed operates by lifting the lid of the Ottoman to reveal the storage underneath. But fear not, these beds are easy to open. This is because all our Ottoman beds feature gas pistons, making lifting one as easy as pie.


Single Storage Bed

As regards different types of Ottoman beds there are two types. There are divan style Ottoman beds and bedstead Ottoman beds. With divan Ottoman beds the mattress sits directly on top of the bed. If space is tight then this is the best type to go for. Furthermore, divan style Ottomans have a solid base which some people prefer. The second type is a bedstead Ottoman. This is basically a bed on legs with the addition of a storage compartment. Some people favour this style of Ottoman as it can look less cumbersome. However, the storage available isn’t as ample as it is with a divan Ottoman.


What Does a Single Storage Bed Look Like?

In the not so distant past a single storage bed looked pretty basic. Indeed, the most common type of single storage bed was a divan bed that was often covered in a damask fabric. Not very glamorous we know! However, as demand has changed so have designs. The single storage beds of today are pleasing on the eye and are far removed from the damask covered models of the past!  In fact, these beds are made to be seen and your choice ranges from fabric covered beds to wooden beds with storage.


Single Storage Bed


If you want a single bed that not only looks good but is practical too then a single storage bed is a real winner. You have the choice of a divan with drawers or an Ottoman bed. Both could be a great addition to your bedroom. For all our single storage beds, just click here.

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