Help! Why Won't My Ottoman Bed Stay Down?

July 20, 2021

Why Won’t My Ottoman Bed Stay Down? Our 101 Guide To Closing Your Ottoman.


So, you’ve took the plunge and purchased a brand spanking new Ottoman bed. Indeed, you can hardly contain your excitement at the prospect of all that extra storage. Just think how organised your bedroom is going to be! You race to get all the packaging off and get it assembled so you can finally get your bedroom ship shape. So far, so good! Except you can’t close your Ottoman bed and you’re left wondering why won’t my Ottoman bed stay down?

Why Won't My Ottoman Bed Stay Down?


Why Won’t My Ottoman Bed Stay Down? A Frequent Question!


Firstly, let us begin by saying the question why my Ottoman bed won’t stay down has to be one of our most frequent phone calls.  Rest assured if you’re reading this and scratching your head over your new bed then you’re not on your own.  Furthermore, if this has left you feeling frustrated then fear not as generally there aren’t any significant problems. You can breathe that sigh of relief now!

Why Won't My Ottoman Bed Stay Down


Why Won’t My Ottoman Bed Stay Down? The Solution.


Ok so now the panic is over and you’re feeling reassured that there isn’t anything fundamentally wrong with your bed you need to know what the solution is! After all, what’s the point of have a lovely Ottoman if you can’t shut it. The good news is that the solution is usually pretty straight forward. In fact, nine times out ten the reason why your Ottoman won’t close is because you need to put your mattress on top of the bed. Yep, it really is that easy. This is because the hydraulic pistons need the weight of the mattress to provide enough pressure to close your bed.  Makes sense now, doesn’t it?

Why Won't My Ottoman Bed Stay Down?


However, what if you’ve put your mattress on your bed and you’re one of the unlucky ones who finds that their Ottoman bed still won’t stay down? Again, this is another question that we occasionally receive phone calls about. The solution again is quite simple. Before your Ottoman bed can been used, the pistons will need to be released. As previously mentioned, they require pressure in order to close. However, occasionally as well as placing the mattress on the bed you will initially have to apply some physical force yourself to close the bed. Don’t worry you won’t break it! However, rest assure that once the arms have been released, closing your Ottoman will be as easy as pie.  You can put that gym membership away now.


Why Won't My Ottoman Bed Stay Down?

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