How To Sleep Through The Night

September 29, 2021

Sleep Through The Night

Do You Want To Sleep Through The Night?

If you find yourself clock watching in the middle of the night or even getting up for a cup of tea, then you’re not alone. Indeed, if you’re reading this blog then the chances are you’re possibly at your wits end and want to know how to sleep through the night. Whilst most of us will have sleeplessness nights in periods of stress, not being able to sleep through the night regularly can wreak havoc on your health. Indeed, sleep is one of the pillars of good health both physical and mental.  However, the good news is that that there are a number of self help measures you can put in place to help you get to and stay in the land of nod. Here, at Beds on Legs, are out top 5 tips to help you sleep through the night. 

Sleep Through The Night

Bring Down Your Stress Levels with Exercise 

Stress is a massive contributing factor to sleepless nights.  Indeed, many of us know all to well the nightmare of ruminating in bed on a night. You don’t need to be a sleep expert to know that stress is a killjoy for your sleep routine. However, many of us don’t know how to combat that stress. One effective way to bring your stress levels down is through exercise. This is because it helps to release the feel-good hormones that help to negate all those nasty ones! However, you shouldn’t exercise to late on the night as this could make you feel even more alert. 


Sleep Through The Night

Put Away the Technology 

If you want to sleep through the night, then you need to step away from your technology at least 1 hour before you go to bed.  Without a doubt, technology is a modern-day scourge on sleep. In fact, we would go as far as saying technology is in the top three for disturbing quality of sleep. Whilst we know it can be tempting to scroll through your phone in bed, if you want to sleep through the night then this is a habit you must break. 


Sleep Through The Night

Say No to Booze 

Whilst you might think a tipple will get you off to the land of nod more easily alcohol isn’t helpful. Indeed, alcohol actually interferes with your quality of sleep and can often be a reason why your getting up in the night. So step away from the liquor and have a herbal tea instead. 


Sleep Through The Night

Reduce Your Caffeine Intake 

Caffeine is a well know stimulant, therefore it makes sense that if you’re struggling to sleep through the night then you need to cut down on your intake. Some people find that having a rule of not drinking caffeinated drinks after mid-day is helpful. Remember that you can drink decaffeinated versions of your favourite drink if you’re feeling deprived! 


Sleep Through The Night


Meditation is a lot more mainstream and a lot more accessible than it used to be.  Indeed, the benefits of meditation are well documented.  If you’re struggling to mediate or don’t know where to begin there are some great apps out there that you might want to try.  One such app is headspace.  


Sleep Through The Night



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