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February 10, 2021

Guest Beds

With Easter just around the corner it is time to start planning ahead. We have a vast array of guest beds ready and waiting to find a new home.

Swift Captain Guest Bed

We know it can be quite frustrating having to spend your money on an extra bed that is possibly not going to be used that often. So that is why it is best to give your guest bedroom and guest bed a dual purpose. We think the best solution for this is using the guest bed as a sofa. Your guest bedroom can be transformed into a studio space or a home office or a second sitting room, the possibilities are endless.

Guest Beds

Day Beds with trundle guest beds are the obvious design choice to go with when wanting the look of a sofa. They have an instantly classic look which is incredibly popular.

Guest Beds

The way you dress your guest bed can totally transform this room. We think texture and patterns are a fun and creative way of adding interest.


Whilst we love day beds we would urge you to also have a look at the standard single beds with trundle guest beds. You will find a larger variety of styles and finishes with this option. Just think of all the fun you can have choosing cushions to plump up the back to make a snug little sofa.

Spring is in the air, its so close we can almost taste it! Why not try some of the these fabulous colour palettes and get that Spring feeling all year round!

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Fabric Upholstered Guest Beds

Below we have the Monte Carlo Guest Bed. This bed is available in a large range of colours and fabric finishes.

Fabric Upholstered Guest Bed

Metal Guest Beds

Here we have the Serene Florence Day Bed with Trundle Guest Bed. We love the timeless look of this guest bed and think it will sit perfectly in both traditional and contemporary style rooms.

Guest Beds

Wooden Guest Beds

Here at Beds on Legs we have a vast array of wooden guest bed styles. Everything from sleigh to shaker style is available in this range!

 Guest Beds


Click here to view our full range of guest beds.

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