February 10, 2021 2 min read

We have a mix of fabulous fabric upholstered beds just in. These glamorous beauties and sophisticated splendours are sure to leave a lasting impression.

Fabric Upholstered Beds - Limelight Phobos

The Limelight Phobos would make a fabulous center piece for a bedroom. The headboard and foot board curve softly and create a traditional feel. Phobos was named after a moon and we think it is fitting due to the subtle shimmer from the velvet finish. Phobos is available in silver velvet and mink velvet fabric.

Fabric Upholster Beds - Phobos The Phobos has ornate feet with brass finished plating. This attention to detail is what makes the Phobos so special.

Phobos in Mink

Fabric Upholstered Beds - Limelight Aquila

The Limelight Aquila is a modern take on a traditional design. The Slate Waffle fabric finish is sophisticated and stylish. We love how they have combined this fabric with a stately winged headboard. The headboard is impressively tall, creating a modern showpiece for your bedroom.

Aquila Bed

Aquila Bed

Fabric Upholstered Beds - Serene Faye

Faye is quite an unusual addition to our range of Fabric Upholstered Beds. Faye is a sleek contemporary design which uses a fabric finish in a brilliantly unique way. With many contemporary designs they are sharp, clean and somewhat cold. Whilst this paired down look is very sophisticated it can also feel somewhat impersonal. We love the tactile nature of fabric beds, they add depth and warmth to a room and the fabric finish on this bed does exactly that. We particularly love the soft-edge contoured headboard and foot board combined with a luxurious velvet finish. Serene have successfully brought together contemporary design with a fabric finish.

Serene Faye Bed

Fabric Upholstered Beds - Serene Alexandra

The Serene Alexandra is a stunning addition to our range of fabric upholstered beds. The traditional buttoned headboard is chunky and bold, whilst the soft-edge contoured base gives a modern twist. Available in three striking colours, you are sure to find a shade that will work perfectly for you.

Alexandra Gold Bed

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