December 03, 2016 2 min read

Grey fabric beds have been popular for quite some time now so we are super excited to find grey wooden beds are creating a new look within this trend. We are loving the soft grey tones set against neutral and pastel decor.

3ft Mya Single Bed in Grey

Wooden beds instinctively create a more earthy feel and the grey finish works beautifully to further enhance upon this natural look. We are thinking that this style of bed frame is calling out to be teamed up with fabulous blooms and plants.

Decor Inspo from Pinterest Decor Inspo from Pinterest Decor Inspo from Pinterest

Grey Wooden Beds - Mya Bed

The Mya Bed from Serene has been around for quite some time but has been given a snazzy update by introducing a grey finish. We can just see this grey wooden bed looking amazing in a contemporary bedroom set against clean, crisp white bedding. Also available in the Serene Mya Range is the Mya Guest Bed. Perfect for that unexpected guest, this Guest Bed will make a stylish addition to any bedroom or spare room.

Grey Wooden Beds - Mya Bed in GreySerene Mya Guest Bed in Grey

Grey is a colour which is a brilliant base for other colour and patterns to pop against. Below are some design ideas of what you can team your grey wooden bed with. Its time to get creative and be bold!

Decor Inspo from PinterestDecor Inspo from PinterestDecor Inspo from Pinterest

Grey Wooden Beds - Harrogate Bed and Furniture Range

The Harrogate Bed and Furniture range is a beautiful mix of grey and pale wood. We think this is a great combination and can be further enhanced upon with the right bedding.

Grey Wooden Beds - Hampstead Grey Wooden Beds - Hampstead

Decor Inspo from PinterestDecor Inspo from Pinterest

Grey Wooden Beds - New England Bed & Furniture Range

Grey wooden beds are also a great alternative to the more traditional white wooden bed. Just imagine this New England Bed sat against crisp white walls! The classic shape of this frame and beautiful wooden finish will be shown off rather than fading into the background.

Grey Wooden Beds - New EnglandGrey Wooden Beds - New England

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