Country Cottage Bedrooms with Beds on Legs

December 04, 2016

Country Cottage Bedrooms

Country Cottage Bedrooms

Nothing quite says quintessentially British like country cottage bedrooms do. With timeless appeal, warmth and an overload of coziness it's not hard to see why this style is so popular. Creating this look is all about using lots of textures and patterns whilst filling your rooms with things that you cherish. Furniture should be selected for its charm as well as its practicality. In a nutshell country cottage bedrooms are all about filling your room with love.

Country Cottage Bedrooms

 Cosy Fabric Beds

When creating a country cottage bedroom a fabric bed could be just what you are looking for. Our fabric beds are available in a number of different fabrics. Fabric beds are perfect for adding warmth and texture to the bedroom. What could be more cosy than reading a good book propped up against an upholstered fabric bed? 

Country Cottage Bedrooms

Day Beds For Country Cottage Bedrooms

We have a vast range of day beds that look at home in a country cottage bedroom. Day beds are ideal for a guest bedroom, where you might want the bed to double up as a sofa to sit and relax. Some of of day beds also have a trundle bed beneath it so you can potentially make a double bed if needed. 
Country Cottage Bedrooms

Country Cottage Bedrooms - Floral Prints

One of the key things we love about country cottage bedrooms is the use of flowers. Originally cottages were built as homes for agricultural workers back in the Middle Ages. They would have had small gardens to plant herbs and vegetables. Flowers were secondary and were planted in between available spaces. In time flowers took precedence and the look of today's cottage garden was born. Flowers spilled over to other parts of the home. Interior decor developed through the years to create the look that is so commonly associated with this style now. Below the Serene Ethan Bed is featured. Aside from the high quality finish we also love the combination of Gloss Ivory and Antique Brass.

Country Cottage Bedrooms

Country Cottage Bedrooms - Dressing The Bed

Country cottage bedrooms have a distinct style that use an informal design. English in origin, this style depends on grace and charm rather than grandeur and formal structure. As a nation we love of all things cosy. There is nothing more comforting on a cold winter's night than to be wrapped up and snug in our homes. Country cottage bedrooms are synonymous with warmth and security. Layers of throws are a must to complete the look. We suggest layering as many blankets as possible. Simple fabric quilts combined with patterns or embroidered details work brilliantly together.

County Cottage Bedrooms

 Country Cottage Bedrooms - Crafted Design

Homely and functional, country cottage bedrooms do not need to be overly feminine. Simple and careful consideration of fabric choices and colours can eliminate an overly 'girly' finish. Your choice of bed frame can also determine the overall look of the room. A rustic wooden bed with a crafted head and footboard could be just what you need. This Serene Maiden bed has a handcrafted shaker inspired crossover design. With its perfect combination of rustic country charm and durability, this bed would fit perfectly in your country cottage inspired bedroom.

Country Cottage Bedrooms


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