Grey Fabric Ottoman Beds At The Forefront

February 10, 2021

Grey Fabric Ottoman Beds, The Versatile Choice

Grey fabric Ottoman beds continue to be at the forefront of interior fashions in 2018. The lure of these beds, that are anything but dull, is as strong as ever. From teenagers to the more mature clientèle, grey fabric Ottoman beds are a popular and functional choice. Just like jeans have become an enduring staple of wardrobes across the nation, these beds are fast becoming an indispensable piece of furniture in the bedroom.

Why Are Grey Fabric Ottoman Beds So Popular?

These beds have three winning attributes, their colour, their tactile qualities and of course their practicality. Here we'll look at each quality individually.


How could a colour often associated with miserable weather, bad moods and sickness, amass such a broad appeal ? The experts say it is mainly due to its vast range of shades. There really are 50 shades of grey and then some. From dark slate greys to soft dove greys and everything in between, there is a hue that will suit you. Most importantly grey is the perfect neutral that combines effortlessly with nearly all over colours. Grey also fits in perfectly with a multitude of styles. Grey fabric Ottoman beds can look fabulous in urban chic bedrooms, minimalist bedrooms and traditional bedrooms alike.

Grey Fabric Ottoman Beds


Fabric beds were once a rarity. The nearest you could get to owning one in the past, would be to buy a headboard that would bolt on to a divan base. More often than not, the headboard would be different from the base and frilly valances prevailed. Thankfully things have changed and fabric beds have revolutionised the bed industry. Fabric beds are particularly appealing because of their tactile qualities and the vast choice of textures and colours that they are available in. For those who love opulence and glamour then a velvet fabric bed is an ideal choice. Or if you prefer to keep your interiors au naturale then you might prefer to opt for a wool style fabric.

Grey Fabric Ottoman Beds


Grey fabric Ottoman beds are kings in terms of practicality. With up to four times the amount of storage as four drawer divan beds, these beds know how put every inch of space to good use. They're the perfect place for storing all your worldly goods and can help keep your bedroom clutter free. All our Ottoman beds are equipped with gas lift pistons, so you don't need to start hitting the gym to lift up one of these beds.

Grey Fabric Ottoman Beds

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