Space Saving Small Double Beds

February 10, 2021

Small Double Beds for Maximising Space

Our small double beds can help you make the most of your available space. Not quite a double but a whole 12 inches bigger than a single, these compact beds could be the answer to your furniture nightmares. Small double beds are comfortable enough to sleep two average size adults on an occasional basis. Or on a permanent basis if you like to sleep starfish on your own! Equally, they're the perfect bed for kids who want a grown up bed but don't have the space for a full double bed. Some of our small double beds are also equipped with storage facilities, scoring them even more brownie points. Our small double Ottoman beds offer the most available with storage as they utilise all the space under the bed. We have a wide range of small double beds from solid wood to on trend fabric beds. Here is just a small selection of beds that we have on offer at Beds On Legs.

Small Double Beds


The 'Mini' Love Sleep Button Ottoman

This bed is one example of the numerous fabric Ottoman beds we have an offer. When it comes to looking at small double beds then this style of bed is at the top of the class. Compact in size, ultra stylish and with a copious amount of storage this small double fabric Ottoman comes up trumps. Oh did we also mention that nearly all our fabric beds come in the ever so fashionable colour grey? If fabric is your thing then we've got something that's right up your street and just perfect for your bedroom. If storage isn't needed then you can also buy most of our fabric beds without it saving you a little money at the same time.

Small Double Bed


The Kingfisher Bed

A perennial favourite, this bed never goes out of fashion. In our history of selling beds we can't remember a time before we had this bed on offer. Great for spare bedrooms and children's rooms alike and at a price that is easy on the purse

Small Double Beds

The Original Bedstead Selkirk Bed

For those who have a love of the traditional then the Selkirk bed could be the bed that makes your heart sing, Reminiscent of times gone by, yet still very current this Selkirk bed has class written all over it. Cast from iron and finished in glossy ivory or satin black with or without brass finials this bed is a timeless beauty that will look stunning for years to come.

Small Double Beds

The Love Sleep Quadruple Bunk Bed 4ft Over 4ft

Not a conventional bunk bed but one nonetheless. This is the bunk bed to put all other bunk beds to shame. With each bunk being able to accommodate two average adults this bed knows how to maximise space.

Small Double Beds

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