Flower Beds, Get Beautiful Beds Outside

October 03, 2019

Flower Beds

Blooming Beautiful Ideas For Flower Beds

We love all things bed related and that includes flower beds. Indeed with the weather starting to warm up many of us are starting to turn our attention to the outside. New growth heralds the start of spring and a sense of hope fills the air. Consequently garden centres become a hive of activity as we try to find the perfect plants to fill our flower beds. In order to create flower beds that will have your neighbours gasping with awe all you need is a bit of insider knowledge. There is a well known saying in gardening circles and that is 'The right plant for the right place'. Indeed all plants have different requirements. Get the planting right from the off and you'll be rewarded for years to come.

Beds On Legs

Right Plant For the Right Place

So what exactly does this mean? Have you ever bought a plant to only find it withers and dies. Well the chances are the plant was in the wrong place. Some plants are sun loving and some prefer to be in the shade. Furthermore some like moist soil and others prefer it dry. Therefore it's important to research a plant before putting it in your garden. A lot of plants come with a label that will tell you what they need and you can always look on the internet for more information. The RHS is a particularly useful website.

Colour Me Beautiful

When planning your flower beds it's a good idea to think of a colour scheme. Do you want to use cool colours or hot colours? Cool colours bring a sense of calm whereas hot colours liven things up. Cool colours include blues, lilacs and pale pinks. Whereas hot colours include yellows, reds and oranges. Using the colour wheel is a particularly useful as it can help you decide what colours work well together.

Use Plants On Mass

On of the biggest mistakes that people make when planting flower beds is to just buy one of each plant. Planting in multiples helps create a more cohesive look. The general rule of thumb is to plant in multiples of threes. Also make sure that each plant compliments the other surrounding plants. It is important to consider eventual height and form here.

Flower Power For The Bedroom

As well as having beautiful flowers in the garden you can also bring the botanical into the bedroom. Floral bedrooms can help to make your bedroom a restful sanctuary. Nature is well know for its restorative effects so it makes sense to bring it into the bedroom. If you're feeling particularly green fingered then why not get a few house plants for the bedroom. To read more on botanical decorating you can read our blog here

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