Velvet Storage Beds Have It All

October 02, 2019

Velvet Storage Beds, Sassy and Practical

If you like to indulge in the finer things in life then you'll love our velvet storage beds. Soft to touch, glorious to look at and with nifty storage options these beds take some beating. There's nothing quite like collapsing in one of our velvet storage beds after a long and tiresome day. These beds will transport you to the land of nod and serve as valuable storage all at the same time. Our velvet storage beds are so popular that if there was an a Oscars for beds then they would win one for the leading roll. Here are are a few of our velvet storage beds that we think will steal your hearts.

The Love Sleep Button Ottoman

Our flagship model. The love sleep button Ottoman is so versatile that it can fit into a multitude ofinteriors. With it's buttoned back headboard, this classic style transcends the test of time. Available in 21 different fabrics this bed can be adapted to anyone's taste. Indeed with a copious amount of storage this bed is also super practical making it an all round winner.

Velvet Storage Beds

Dual Seasons Memory 2000 Divan Package

For those on a budget but in desperate need of a good night's sleep then this bed might just be up your street. With a luxurious memory foam mattress and 2 free drawers then this bed has got a lot to offer. Available in numerous fabrics you don't have to sacrifice on style either. In fact this package is also extremely popular as choice for a spare bedroom.

Velvet Storage Beds

The Kaydian Barnard TV Ottoman Bed

If you're a bit of a techie, a fashion guru and a practical person all rolled in to one then this bed has got your name on it. Just when you thought a bed couldn't meet your needs we introduce you the the Barnard TV Ottoman. Of all our velvet storage beds this bed is unequivocally our highest spec bed. With this bed we left no stone unturned. The only thing it can't do, which we wish it would, is make you a cup of tea in the morning.

Velvet Storage Beds

For all our velvet storage beds you just need to click here and for more design inspiration click here.

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