Fitted Wardrobes Versus Free Standing Wardrobes

February 10, 2021

Fitted Wardrobes Or Free Standing Wardrobes?

In the red corner we have fitted wardrobes and the blue we have free standing wardrobes. Which one will you be supporting? Before you make up your mind you need to know the pros and cons to both. After all buying Bedroom furniture can be expensive so you need to make sure you are making the right choice.

Fitted Wardrobes

Fitted wardrobes are custom made wardrobes. They are designed to specifically fit a space of your choice.

Fitted Wardrobes


  • Fitted wardrobes are designed to your exact specification

  • Storage space is maximised

  • You can have wardrobes from floor to ceiling height. This means that you gain much more wardrobe space without compromising on floor space.

  • Useful for spaces where access is difficult, such as a loft conversion

  • The wardrobe can be customised to your requirements. For example some space might be allocated to internal drawers


  • Often more expensive than free standing wardrobes

  • Difficult to take with you if you move house

  • Require specialist fitting which entails more cost

  • Once in situ can't be moved to another area in the bedroom

Free Standing Wardrobes

Free standing wardrobes are pieces of furniture that can be moved to wherever you want them. Generally speaking they are off the peg pieces and readily available for a number of home stores.

Fitted Wardrobes



  • Often cheaper than fitted wardrobes
  • Don't need specialists to fit them. However, some are flat packed and therefore some DIY skill might be required.

  • Often more ornamental than fitted wardrobes

  • Can be freely moved if you relocate or want to place the wardrobe elsewhere in your house.

  • Wide range available


  • Space is not utilised as well as with fitted wardrobes

  • If fully assembled they can be difficult to manoeuvre. They may not fit into certain places

  • Can't be easily customised internally

  • Get dusty on top

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