Bedroom Styles You'll Fall In Love With

February 10, 2021

Bedroom Styles

Bedroom Styles You'll Want To Steal

There are a number of really cool bedroom styles in 2019. From Art Deco inspired bedrooms to hygee chill out retreats there is bound to be a style that's right up your street. You only have to look at your Insta feed to see all the different bedroom styles that are rocking the world of interiors. Here is a round up of our top five bedroom styles. Be warned though, this blog will make you want to get your decorating head on.

Bedroom Styles

Hygee Bedroom

Unless you've been living under a rock then you'll know that Hygee is massively on trend at the moment. With it's emphasis on calm and soothing interiors it's easy to see why this trend is such a hit. Indeed, many of us spend most of our days racing around. Therefore, the idea of coming home to a chilled space is especially inviting.

Creating a hygee bedroom is all about getting your cozy on. This means lots of texture, layers and marshmallow like soft furnishings. If you ever needed another excuse to buy more cushions then hygee is your excuse. Another thing that should consider is scent. Candles are a great way of awakening the senses.

Bedroom Styles

Art Deco Bedroom

If you love glamour and retro then you'll find it hard to resist an Art Deco bedroom. If you are looking for the perfect excuse to be exuberant then this is it. When creating an Art Deco bedroom think lots of glass, mirrors, gold and velvet. Every piece in your bedroom should work hard for its space and be visually stunning. Whilst your bed is a practical piece of furniture in an Art Deco bedroom it must ooze glamour too. Our fabric beds are perfectly suited to this type of interior.

Bedroom Styles

Country Cottage Bedroom

The humble country cottage bedroom is an enduring style that offers comfort and familiarity. Indeed, a country cottage bedroom can offer a real sanctuary from the world. When creating this style of bedroom try to take your inspiration from the great outdoors. Think pretty florals and warming wooden furniture. If you have a love all things vintage then they will look perfectly at home in a country cottage bedroom.

Bedroom Styles

Hotel Chic Bedroom

Hotel chic bedrooms are bang on trend in 2019. Creating a hotel style bedroom offers you the opportunity to have a fantastic staycation every night of the year. Get it right and you'll feel like your sleeping at the Ritz or in a modern boutique hotel. The key to this bedroom style is simplicity with a touch of glamour. Indeed, beds with over sized headboards are perfect for this style of bedroom. What's more you should keep your bedding white and your accessories simple yet beautiful. Above all else, clutter is an absolute no no as having a clutter free bedroom is the perfect environment for restful sleep.

Bedroom Styles

Eclectic Bedrooms

The eclectic bedroom is the perfect style of bedroom for those who love to mix time periods, textures and colours. Arguably the eclectic style bedroom is the one where you can throw out the rule book and indulge in all the things you love. Indeed, the key to this style of bedroom is only buying things that make your heart miss a beat. Something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue. It all goes in the eclectic bedroom.


Bedroom Styles

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