Crazy Dog Beds For Every Pooch

January 09, 2019

crazy dog beds

Crazy Dog Beds For Our Furry Friends

If your four legged friend lives a five star luxury lifestyle then you'll go potty for these crazy dog beds. Without a doubt, when it comes to our fur baby's we're not afraid to indulge in the whimsical. All you need to do is punch in 'crazy dogs beds' to Google and you'll find everything from the insanely cute to the outright ludicrous. Yep, when it comes to our pet's beds no stone is left unturned and no cushion is left unplumped. Indeed, it's time to move over princes and the pea as our pampered pooches rule the day. Here at Beds On Legs are our top five crazy dogs beds, brought to you from the wonderful world of the web.

Crazy Dog Beds - The Luxury One

If your pooch is more lady than tramp then you need to get her the very best. Nothing less then the very finest bed should be acceptable. In fact this luxurious dog bed looks so comfy that we reckon we would struggle getting out of it in the morning. Styled like a chesterfield sofa all the dogs in the street will be chomping at the bit to have a snooze on this little number.

Crazy Dog Beds


Crazy Dogs Beds - The Foodie One

If your dog fancies themselves as a bit of a foodie then you'll love this hot dog bed. When your dog clambers into this hilarious dog bed you won't be able to resist smiling. Anybody else fancy owning a sausage dog now just to up the ante?

Crazy Dogs


Crazy Dog Beds – The Castle

As the saying goes 'every man's home is his castle'. Well if it's good enough for us then it's good enough for Fido. Make your dog feel like he is literally on top of the world with this ingenious dog bed. A word of warning though this bed may encourage your dog to start barking orders!

Crazy Dogs Beds

Crazy Dog Beds – The Furrari

Move over Lewis Hamilton, there's a new dog in town. This dog bed is the perfect bed for the speed demons out there. You know the ones, the ones that chase the rabbits, the deer and everything else that moves. Indeed, the furrari bed is perfect place for recharging those canine batteries.

Crazy Dog Bed

Crazy Dog Beds – The Bunk Bed

The time honoured bunk bed is perfect for those households with more than one pooch. The only problem is who will get the top bunk?

Crazy Dog Beds
 So it turns out we really are pretty bonkers when it comes to our pooches. If you want to view more novel pet beds then you can visit our Pinterest page here.

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