Reading Before Bed, Is It Good For You?

January 09, 2019

The Benefits Of Reading Before Bed

As the saying goes 'A book lover never goes to bed alone'. Reading before bed exercises the brain like a gym exercises the body. The benefits of reading before bed are copious. Not only is it a great way of chilling out, it can help increase creativity whilst simultaneously reducing stress and anxiety. Often, as we grow older and in the age of technology we forget the importance of a good book. Here at Beds On Legs we will explore the benefits of curling up with a good book before you catch some z's.

Reading Before Bed

Reading Before Bed Can Relax The Mind

Study after study has proven that indulging in a good book at bed time can relax the mind. After the stresses of the day you can often feel like your head is on a merry go round. Studies have proven that grabbing a book can help you to relax more than other relaxation aids such as listening to music and walking. In fact, at the University of Sussex they discovered that it only took 6 minutes of reading a good book to see a reduction in stress.

The main reason that reading is so good for chillaxing is that it serves as escapism. Reading a good book gives you an opportunity to escape the stresses of day to day life. A good book can transport your mind, thus cortisol levels decrease and your muscles relax. This all serves to send you off to the land of nod in the blink of a sleepy eye.

Reading Before Bed Can Improve Brain Power

If you fancy giving Einstein a run for his money then you need to get reading! Okay, so you may not become a genius but reading will certainly give your brain power a boost. Like your body needs to be exercised to be kept subtle and in good shape so does your brain. The more you exercise your brain, the fitter it will become and remain.

Studies have also proved that reading can starve off conditions such as Alzheimer's and dementia. In one study, researchers tested the memory and thinking ability of almost 300 older adults every year for 6 years. Upon death of the participants the researchers examined the brains of these participant for signs of dementia. Those that were avid book worms showed less physical signs of mental decline than those that didn't.

Reading Before Bed

Reading Before Bed Can Improve Empathy

Various studies have indicated that reading can in fact improve empathy. This is because as readers we are encouraged to view the standpoints of various characters, Indeed, a book gives you the ability to put yourself in someone else's shoes. Thus, reading helps to build your emotional intelligence and can improve your interactions with others.

So there we have it, reading is a fantastic resource that benefits mind body and soul. For more information on the benefits of reading then click here

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