How To Create A Cosy Bedroom

July 09, 2020

cosy bedroom

Welcome Autumn In With A Cosy Bedroom

As we bid farewell to Summer days a lot of us start to feel like hibernating. With Autumn approaching this is the perfect time to create a cosy bedroom. Indeed, what can feel better when the weather is changing to come to home to a cosy bedroom. Without a doubt, with a few simple steps you can create a cosy bedroom that will make you feel as snug as a bug in a rug. What's more it doesn't have to cost the earth either. Read on for our top tips on how to make your bedroom perfect for lounging and snuggling.

Cosy Bedroom

Invest In A Fabric Bed

If you've been thinking about updating your bed and want to create a cosy bedroom then a fabric bed fits the bill perfectly. Indeed, by their very nature fabric beds feel a lot more inviting than any other kind of bed. What's more they're available in every colour you can think of. If your trying to create a welcoming, intimate space that why not chose a fabric bed that is rich in colour such as forest green of midnight blue. Or if you're trying to create a more organic feel then select a bed in a natural woven fabric.

Cosy Bedroom

The other advantage of these beds is that they're super comfy to lounge around in. Fabric beds tend to have padded headboards, making them ideal for a bit of reading of watching TV in bed. For all our fabric beds, just click here. Or for more design inspiration you can visit our Pinterest page

Throw Down A Rug

A rug is a fantastic addition for adding a bit of snugness to your bedroom. What's more, they're a great way of injecting a bit of colour into a floor space. Indeed, if you have wooden or laminate floor then a rug is a must for creating a cosy bedroom. The best place to position a rug is by the side of your bed so that when you get up in the morning your feet are getting the benefit.

Cosy Bedroom

Invest In Some Quality Curtains Or Blinds

Without a doubt windows can be a massive source for heat loss. The best way to combat this is with quality curtains or blinds that are interlined. The interlining adds thermal value and is great for preventing heat loss. Furthermore, thicker curtains can create a visual feeling of extra snugness.

Layer Up

If you're looking to create a super cosy bedroom then pay particular attention to dressing your bed. When it comes to creating cosiness then layers on your bed are a given. Firstly, you should consider investing in a throw for the end of your bed. For cosy glamour then velvet bedspreads are perfect. Or if you prefer the more natural look then an oversized knitted throw would be perfectly suited. Finish off your bed with oodles of scatter cushions that you can you can use to create your very own nest.

Cosy Bedroom

Get The Lighting Right

Nothing can ruin a cosy bedroom more than harsh lighting. You can have the most perfect room setting and furniture, but get the lightning wrong and you won't have your desired bedroom. Indeed, the best type of lighting for a bedroom is low lighting. This can be introduced with bedside lamps or if you prefer wall lighting. For those nights that you want to introduce even more warmth then a few strategically placed candles can work wonders. If they are scented then that's even better!

Cosy Bedroom

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