Renovating Your Bedroom To Sell Your House

August 03, 2020

renovating your bedroom

Renovating Your Bedroom

If you’re looking to sell your house then you might be thinking about renovating your bedroom. Although it might seem counter intuitive, renovating your bedroom when you’re moving could help you to sell. Or perhaps you’ve purchased a property to renovate as a business and you’re looking for bedroom decor ideas. Whatever your motivation, we’ve got some great tips that will help you when you’re renovating your bedroom. Follow our suggestions and your bedroom will look like it belongs in a showroom in no time. 

Renovating Your Bedroom

Stick To Neutral Walls And Carpets

Whilst bright and dark colours are making a huge comeback in interiors, they are not for everyone. Indeed, colour can be a deeply personal thing. Whilst dark greys and blues can look quite dramatic, some people will find these colours oppressive. However, most people find neutral colours agreeable. Furthermore, if you use neutral colours then most people will be able to imagine their own furniture in that room more easily. However, we’re not giving you the red light to paint your walls magnolia! Indeed, this used to be the go to colour but in modern times it is better to use shades of off white or light greys.
Renovating Your Bedroom
 As regards walls, it is arguably better to paint them than to wallpaper them. Without a doubt, there are some gorgeous wallpapers on the market at the moment. However, what one person falls in love with can be an eyesore for another. People might also be put off by the idea of hours of paper scraping. There is also the added problem that people won’t know what the condition of the walls is like. Furthermore, the benefit with painted walls is that a quick lick of paint can transform a bedroom. Again carpets should be neutral. Stick to plain carpets and avoid patterns. Again greys and beiges are good choices here. If you’re renovating your bedroom to sell then you don’t need a really expensive carpet. However, if you want your bedroom to appear high end then it might be worth investing in a mid range carpet.

De clutter

When renovating your bedroom it is an absolute must that you de clutter. Nothing looks worse than a space that is crammed to the rafters. Furthermore, you should be aiming to give the impression of maximum space. If you’re looking to sell your house then you should depersonalise your bedroom. Therefore, we would advise removing personal photographs and keeping clothes and jewelry out of sight. If you struggle for storage space then you might want to consider purchasing an Ottoman bed. These beds are fabulous for keeping things out of sight as they can store up to four times the amount of things as a four drawer divan. You can view our Ottoman beds here

Renovating Your Bedroom

Dress Your Bedroom

If you’re renovating your bedroom then it is worth investing in a bit of window dressing. A collection of scatter cushions and a throw on the bed can add to the feeling of luxury. Whilst you don’t want your bedroom to be overly personal you don’t want it to appear stark either. Another clever trick is the use of mirrors. A correctly placed mirror can help to make a room appear bigger and brighter. For more ideas on how to renovate your bedroom you can view our Pinterest board here
Renovating Your Bedroom

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