How To Help Your Child Sleep Better

February 10, 2021

child sleep better

Helping Your Child Sleep Better.

Getting children up the apple and pairs can literally feel like an up hill battle. Furthermore, helping your child sleep better can be equally as challenging. Indeed, there are many parents across the breadth of the country who struggle with the sleeping habits of their children. Sleep is crucial for everyone's well being. If the sand man isn't doing his stuff at night then you might need to put things in place to help things along, Here, at Beds On Legs we've compiled a list of tips to help your child sleep better. Which in turn means you can cut down on the coffee and catch some serious ZZZ's yourselves!

Child Sleep Better

Establish A Bedtime Routine

Establishing a regular bedtime routine can work wonders when trying to help your child sleep better. In fact, there is lots of evidence that routine bed times are beneficial for everyone. This can help to get your body in a rhythm. Once a regular pattern is in place it will help your child get off to sleep more easily.

Get Zen Like Before Bedtime

It's a good idea to have a wind down period before bedtime. Try to schedule a couple of hours of quiet time before getting your child to sleep. Cortisol, the stress hormone, can help keep us alert and so it is important to reduce this. Quiet activities such as drawing are ideal.

Create A Sleep Inducing Environment

The right sleep environment can help your child sleep better. This means keeping clutter to a minimum. Whilst most children love to be surrounded by toys, too many can actually create stress. Getting the right bed for your child is also important. Take time to get the correct mattress so your child is supported in bed.

Read A Bedtime Story

Not only is reading a bedtime story good for your child's development, it is a great way of relaxing them too. This is also a great opportunity to bond with your child. Indeed, reading bedtime stories has multiple benefits for both child and parent. In fact many would consider it a family institute. You can find a list of bedtime stories here

Calm Any Fear

Without a doubt many children have vivid imaginations. Whilst this can have benefits, a colourful imagination can often manifest in fears. For example, fears of monsters under the bed. Rather than dismiss these fears it is important to address them. You might check under the bed for monsters and reassure them that there is nothing there.

Look Out For Sleep Disorders

If you've tried every thing to help your child sleep better but are still struggling then keep an eye out for sleep disorders. If you are concerned at all you should visit your doctor for help. Sleep is crucial for your child's development. With the right help most sleep disorders can be successfully managed or resolved.

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