Build A Bed - Design Your Own Bed

December 06, 2017

Build A Bed

Build A Bed

Are you looking for your perfect fabric bed, why not take a look at our Build A Bed range where you can design your own bed. Firstly select the headboard design you want, then you can select the storage you require and finally select the fabric type and colour. 

Build A Bed

Select A Heaboard

There is a wide choice of luxury hotel chic high headboards to choose from in our Build A bed range. One of our most popular is the chesterfield Monte Carlo design with it's traditional button finish. If you would like a bit of diamante bling we have the very popular Diamond Cube. We also have glamorous wing designs as well as horizontal and vertical lined headboards for those who like something a little more simple. 

Build A Bed

Select Storage

Once you have selected the headboard that you wish to use to design your bed, you can then select whether you require storage. There are a number of options you can choose, of course if you do not require any storage then you don't have to have any. If you want a little bit of storage you can select the best drawer option and if you only want two drawers you have the option to have them at the same side of the bed if access to the other side is not possible. If you have bedside tables you may not wish to have 4 full drawers but Continental Drawers with two larger drawers at the foot end of the bed and two smaller ones at the head end, so that you can still pull the drawers out when required.

Build A Bed

If you need as much storage as possible, why not use the whole of the underneath of the bed by selecting the ottoman storage option. You can choose between a side lift or an end lift ottoman, the side lift option can be use in the middle or in one corner of the bedroom. The headboard can bed put at either end of the side lift ottoman bed, so you are able to open the bed at the side you have easiest access to. The end lift ottoman provides easy access to the storage all the way round the bed and is a great option for maxmising storage space. The ottoman's have a massive 26cm depth of storage space, so will hide a multitude of sins. 

Build A Bed

Select the colour

Finally select the fabric and colour you require, we have a choice of fabrics including velvet, crushed velvet, faux leather, cocktail weave, wool effect and fusion. These all comes in a selection of different colours to suit your decor. We have the ever popular grey fabrics with one of the most popular being Silver Grey Velvet. A new range of colours have been introduced to the velvet range with vibrant pinks and muted creams and beige's being added to give a great choice. We have just launched a new range of fabrics including on trend wool effect fabrics and fusion linen finishes.

Build A Bed


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