February 06, 2018 2 min read

Interest free credit on beds for easy monthly payments.

Here at Beds on Legs we offer interest free credit on all beds over £250.00. We understand what it feels like to be juggling household finances. Indeed, making a big purchase is often easier with interest fee credit. We offer periods of 6 and 12 months so you can spread the payments into manageable bite size chunks. Plus you won't pay any more than if you had bought the bed outright. You really have nothing to lose! So if you've been ogling one of our gorgeous beds and think you'll have to wait, then think again. The availability of interest fee credit on beds means you will be getting cosy in your new bed in no time.

Beds on Interest Free Credit

How it works

So you've seen a bed that you love and you can't stop fantasising about what your new décor is going to be like. The decision has been made and now you want to take advantage of our offer of interest free credit on beds over £250.00. Well, it really is quite simple. Firstly add the bed of your dreams to the cart and then go to the checkout. At the checkout select 'Buy now, pay later'. You will be then be asked to fill out a form with all your details. The finance company, Klarna, will then give you a decision as to whether you have been accepted. This will usually happen immediately, in a small percentage of cases the decision will be referred and you will be contacted at a later date with a decision. Once accepted there is no deposit to pay.  You will then be asked to sign with an e-signature and all is complete. Then all that is left to do is daydream about those lazy Sunday mornings chilling out in your brand new bed.


Beds on Interest Free Credit


An example of Beds on Interest Free Credit

So you know how it works but how much will you have to squirrel away on a monthly basis? When looking at a product there is an example of how much the monthly payment will be. This will help you decide whether you can afford the monthly payment. Here is an example of how finance would work on the Button Ottoman divan. Purchase price for a double bed is £450.00.


This would be followed by 12 monthly payments of £37.50. Cost of credit is £0 and total interest APR is 0%. We don't have any hidden costs and payments begin once you have received your bed. We believe that because we offer interest free credit on beds over £250.00 then more people can have the bed that they have always dreamed of.


Beds on Interest Free Credit


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