Birlea Fabric Ottoman Beds

February 10, 2021

Birlea Fabric Ottoman Beds

Birlea Fabric Ottoman Beds


Here, at Beds on Legs we love to find fabulous Fabric Ottoman Beds. We have two new exclusive additions which we think you are going to love! Please welcome our Grasmere and Harewood Fabric Ottoman Beds.


Fabric Ottoman Beds - Birlea Grasmere

Both of these fabric ottoman beds are made by Birlea and they are exclusive to us here at Beds on Legs. The build and quality is the same for each bed however the headboards create two contrasting looks. The Grasmere has a tall button back headboard. The buttons create a classic look while the height will makes it a standout design feature in your bedroom. The fabric is a neutral mid grey tone, complimenting any bedroom colour scheme.


The Birlea Grasmere Ottoman has a vast amount of storage tucked inside. You will benefit from a storage base which is 24.5cm deep. The base is lifted by two gas pistons, ensuring you can lift the base with ease.


Fabric Ottoman Beds - Birlea Harewood

The Birlea Harewood ottoman has a modern edge to it with its streamlined padded headboard.


As well as the 24.5cm storage available you mattress will sit on a sprung slatted base. The bottom base of the bed sits on the floor ensuring you get as much storage space as possible.


We designed both of these beds with three main points in mind. We wanted a super stylish look and finish. We wanted storage space so you can untilise the space under you bed in the most efficient way. We also wanted you to have a budget friendly option! These fabulous fabric ottoman beds cost £349.99 for a 4ft6 Double and £449.99 for a 5ft King Size.


We have a vast range of Ottoman Beds to choose from. Click hereto view our full range of Fabric Ottoman Beds.

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