Mauve Beds with Beds on Legs

February 10, 2021

Mauve Beds With Beds On Legs

Here, at Beds on Legs we love colour and we have found that many of our customers do to. We have noticed that Mauve Beds in particular are making a major impression. Now we say Mauve but this colour covers many shades such as Lilac, Lavender and Purple to name but a few.

Mauve Beds - Cavendish Ottoman Base

Here we have the Cavendish Ottoman Bed pictured in a Mauve finish. The Cavendish Ottoman is available in several different shades including Mauve Velvet and Purple Velvet. The Ottoman Bed is incredibly robust and well made. You will benefit from masses of space to fill til your hearts content.

Mauve Beds

The Cavendish Ottoman Bed has several different headboards to choose from. Pictured below are two different designs which are also available in Mauve and Purple Velvet. The fist image shows the Diamond Cube Headboard which has little diamonds punctuating the button detail. Next is the Monte Carlo Headboard with a traditional button design. Another major plus about this design is that you can select either a side lift opening or and end lift opening. This will make the design versatile enough to fit with all room layouts.

 Mauve Beds - Accessorize

A great way to accessorize a mauve bed is to mix up the shades and patterns you are using, this will give the room depth and interest. We also recommend using a variety of textures to make a more tactile space. Alot of our Mauve and Purple Beds are finished with a Velvet fabric, so the are soft to the touch and catch the light brilliantly in any space.

Mauve Beds Mauve Beds

Mauve Beds Mauve Beds

Serene Alexandra in Lilac - Mauve Beds

Here we have the Serene Alexandra in Lilac. Alexandra is a stunning bed with a plump button back headboard and soft velvet finish. We think this would be perfect for people who want a glamorous boudoir and this statement bed would fit seamlessly.

Mauve Beds


Serene Faye Bed in Lilac - Mauve Beds

Finally we have the Serene Faye Bed in Lilac. Faye is a super sleek and modern design, with its curvaceous lines and chrome legs. This is another stylish bed which will undoubtedly make an impact in any bedroom.

Mauve Beds

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