How To Make Your Bedroom Feel Bigger

February 10, 2021

bedroom feel bigger

Clever Ideas To Make Your Bedroom Feel Bigger

So you want to make your bedroom feel bigger but you haven't got a clue were to start. Well you've come to the right place. Here at Beds On Legs we're a tiny bit obsessed with all things beds related. In fact, we've spent oodles of time researching beds and keeping up with all the latest trends. Indeed, when it comes to making your bedroom feel bigger there are lots of nifty tricks you can use. So if your bedroom leaves you feeling packed in like a sardine then read on for some useful tips.

Use Light Colours

When it comes to décor, in order to make your bedroom feel bigger, it is advisable to use light colours. This is because light colours are more reflective and therefore trick the eye. Furthermore, you should opt to use lighter floor options for the exact same reason. If you want to add a dramatic splash of colour then you could opt for a fabric bed in a bolder colour.

Bedroom Feel Bigger

Mirror Mirror On The Wall

A classic design trick is the strategic placement of mirrors. Mirrors are a fabulous and decorative way of making your bedroom feel bigger. Indeed, mirrored furniture is still massively on trend and it's functional too.

Bedroom Feel Bigger

Use Space Saving Furniture

When it comes to a small bedroom every inch counts. You need to make sure every piece of furniture in your bedroom is working hard for its place there. Indeed, we offer an impressive range of space saving beds. The daddy of all these space saving beds has to be the Ottoman bed. These space saving marvels actually offer up to four times the amount of storage as a four drawer divan.

Bedroom Feel Bigger

Avoid Excessive Furniture

This may seem obvious but if you want to make your bedroom feel bigger then keep furniture to a minimum. For example, you don't necessarily need two bedside cabinets. Fitted wardrobes may also be advisable. This is because they utilise space better than free standing wardrobes.

Bedroom Feel Bigger

Invest In A Bedstead

A bedstead can often help to make your bedroom feel bigger. This is because a bedstead exposes the floor beneath, thus giving the illusion of more space. However, make sure this space doesn't become a dumping ground for all your clutter!

Bedroom Feel Bigger

Keep Every Thing Ship Shape

Keeping clutter to a minimum is essential for maximising space in a small bedroom. A clutter free bedroom will also help to create a more restful sanctuary. Whilst it may seem counter-intuitive it is also better to decorate with a few oversized ornaments than lots of little knick knacks.

Bedroom Feel Bigger

For more super ideas on how to make the most of your bedroom then visit our Pinterest page.

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