Back Pain, How To Find The Right Mattress

December 11, 2019

Selecting A Mattress For Back Pain

When it comes to looking for a mattress for back pain there is a lot of mumbo jumbo out there. Here, at Beds on legs we're all well versed in all things mattress related. Even so, we find some of the information out there a tad baffling. What's more, there's lot of contradictory advise on the net which can easily send your head in a spin. Indeed, if you're suffering with back pain you can end up feeling quite desperate as you search for things to help you. It makes sense that the right mattress can help with back pain. However, the million dollar question is, what is the right mattress? We've compiled this blog to help you determine what is myth and what isn't.

Back Pain

Do I need A Super Firm Mattress?

One of those most commonly held beliefs is that you if you suffer with back pain then you need an extra firm mattress. Indeed, we all know that one person who claims sleeping on the floor is how they cured their back pain. There is also that hard core group of people who point to the fact that our ancestors slept on the floor. Unfortunately, sleeping on the floor isn't ideal for the majority of people. In fact, sleeping on the floor or an extra firm mattress can often exasperate back problems. This is because a firm mattress forces the spine into a unnatural position. Indeed, over all the years of selling mattresses one of the biggest problems that we deal with is from people who have bought a mattress that is too firm.

What Mattress Do I Need?

So if you shouldn't sleep on a firm mattress then what should you sleep on? We spoke to Mr Sean Peterson, physiotherapist, at Brough Physiotherapy clinic. Mr Peterson explains that selecting the right mattress is rather like the 'Goldilocks scenario'. In other words your mattress should not be too soft or too firm. This is because a mattress needs to provide the best support and keep your spine in a neutral position.

Back Pain

Mr Peterson also explains that when selecting a mattress you also need to consider quality. We wholeheartedly agree. Clearly, there is a lot more to a mattress than its firmness rating. Indeed mattress quality varies widely. We always recommend buying the best mattress you can afford. Whilst the initial outlay might be more, your back will thank your for it. Now we're not suggesting you need to take out a mortgage for a mattress. However, when you consider that you spend a third of your life in bed, it makes sense that your mattress should be an investment for your health. Moreover, we offer 0% finance, over 12 months, on all products over £500.00. Therefore you can pay monthly making it a lot easier to purchase a quality mattress.

What About Memory Foam And Latex Mattresses?

Memory foam has certainly been a buzz word in bed industry over the last decade or so. Memory foam is a temperature sensitive material that is designed to respond to the body. Therefore this helps to keep the spine in the correct alignment. However, when selecting a memory foam mattress they are not all created equal. Memory foam mattresses have flooded the market and there are a lot of inferior mattresses on the market. Indeed, like most things, if it is too good to be true then it probably is.

Back Pain

Unfortunately memory foam is not suitable for everyone. This is because some people find that they overheat with them. Indeed,some manufacturers have incorporated a layer of cool gel to combat this. However, a small group of people still find that they can't get on with a memory foam mattresses. Enter the latex mattress. Like memory foam mattresses, latex mattresses help to keep the spine in the correct alignment. The benefit of latex is that you don't overheat with them. When it comes to choosing between these two types it often comes down to personal preference.

Any Final Recommendations?

When selecting a mattress for back pain then we advise doing your research thoroughly. Speak to experts, read trusted articles on the internet and get recommendations from others. We also think it is advisable to try a number of mattresses before you buy. Remember not to rush. A mattress is a big investment and is especially important if you're suffering with pain. For more information on selecting a mattress you can read our guide here.

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