Looking For A Modern Winged Ottoman Bed?

January 03, 2020

Purchase A Modern Winged Ottoman Bed For Style And Practicality

Are you looking for a modern winged Ottoman bed? Then you might just be in luck! Here, at Beds On Legs , we've got a rather exciting collection that we can't wait to tell you about. If you're looking for bed that's a real show piece the you can't go wrong with a modern winged Ottoman bed.

modern winged Ottoman bed

What's more, not only do these beds look super sharp they're practical too. Indeed, you can store up to four times the amount of things in a modern winged Ottoman bed as you can a drawer divan. Indeed, not only can these beds whisk you off to the land of nod in style but they can help keep everything tidy too! Don't worry you don't need to be superman to lift an Ottoman bed. This is because each modern winged Ottoman bed is fitted with hydraulic arms, making lifting as easy as 1-2-3.

Bees Knees Emma Ottoman Bed

If you're looking for a bed that knows how to pack a punch then you need the Emma Ottoman bed in your bedroom. The outstanding feature of this bed has to be its over sized headboard. With the headboard measuring an impressive 184 cm high the Emma Ottoman is no shrinking violet. This modern winged Ottoman bed is also particularly suitable for those wishing to create the hotel boutique look. Currently available in 10 different fabrics, the only limitation is your imagination. From cool classic greys, to moody blues and earthy greens there's a fabric that's perfect for nearly every bedroom. Furthermore, the Emma Ottoman has internal storage with a depth of 25 cm putting all your storage woes to bed...literally!

Modern Winged Ottoman Bed?

Bees Knees Aurelia Ottoman Bed

Aurelia derives from Latin origin meaning 'the golden one' making this bed aptly named. Styled with a modern winged headboard and vertical stitching the Aurelia will become a show stopper in homes across the county. We also think that this bed would look really fab in Art Deco scheme, which is having a resurgence in popularity. Again the Aurelia features copious storage that would put any drawer divan to shame.

Modern Winged Ottoman Bed?

Helmsley Winged Ottoman Bed

The Hemsley winged Ottoman bed could be considered a transitional bed. This is because it is befitting of both modern and traditional bedrooms. Therefore, this is the perfect bed if you like to merge interior styles. With its classic buttoned backed headboard you can be guaranteed that this bed will never go out of date. Therefore, the Helmsley is an investment piece that will pay you back for years to come. At with all our Ottoman beds the Helmsley features a generous amount of storage and is easily accessible thanks to hydraulic arms.

Modern Winged Ottoman Bed?

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