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Mattress Advice & Tips

Always spend the most you can afford on your mattress

Do not underestimate your bodies need to recover with a good night’s sleep. You will spend a third of your life in bed so make sure you are the most comfortable you can possibly be! Look for value for money rather than the cheapest.

Make it large!

Your bed and mattress should be the ruler of your bedroom. It deserves respect and space to do its job properly. Always get the biggest bed you can fit in your bedroom. You need room to sleep undisturbed.

Mattress Feel!

It has to be said that Goldilocks was a smart girl and her way of thinking works perfectly when choosing a mattress. You do not want a mattress that is too soft or one that is too firm, you want one that is just right for you! If you are like Papa bear and carrying a bit of weight, a firmer mattress may last longer and be more supportive.

As well as your weight, the feel of the mattress you select can be determined by what your body has been used to. As long as you have been happy with the firmness of previous mattresses and you do not have any health issues being hindered by the firmness then this is a good gauge. Here at Beds on Legs we find the most popular feel is a Medium Feel. It’s not too soft and not too firm and will suit most people.

Do you suffer with a bad back?

“Ortho” Mattresses and Firm Feel Mattresses are not always the best choice for a bad back! Your spine has a natural curve to it and benefits from a mattress with a bit of give. Memory Foam and Latex layers are often recommended by Doctors for people with back and neck problems. Both of these layers can provide orthopaedic support, enabling movement, helping to evenly distribute body weight and reduce pressure points. Bad Backs Beware… We are coming for you!

Essentials Range

The Essentials Range is our entry level mattress range. Depending on the use, we have perfect spare room mattresses, every night use mattresses for those on a budget and we also have our Snug as Bug Kids range within this.

Children’s Mattress Buying Advice – Snug as Bug Range

When purchasing for a child perhaps consider how long you want this mattress for. If you are thinking of upgrading in a year or two then a smaller budget may be appropriate. We would suggest that whenever possible a healthy budget should ideally be invested.

The main thing to bear in mind is that a child is continuously growing and moving whilst asleep in bed. This is the stage when their body needs the best support and comfort to guarantee a peaceful night’s sleep. The benefits of investing in a good quality mattress will make sure your little one is ready for their busy day ahead. If you choose wisely this mattress will be with you for years to come.

We recommend selecting a medium feel mattress. A child will hardly make any impact on the mattress and thus a firm mattress would be both uncomfortable and will not support the spine properly. I think we can all agree that the main objective is that your little one is as snug as bug in a rug!

Make sure for the top bunk bed you buy a mattress that is the correct depth, for health and safety reasons this should be no more than 15cm deep.

Classic Range

The Classic range includes great every night mattresses that are still surprisingly kind to the purse strings. Our classic mattresses all contain the best most supportive pocket spring system at their core, this spring system moulds to your body shape and is a must have for your main mattress. This range comes with an assortment of luxurious fillings including Classic, Natural, Memory Foam or latex.

For those with a bad back or other aches and pains the latex and memory foam fillings are the most suitable.

The Bees Knees Range

The Bees Knees Range is our cream of the crop, top of the range selection. This range is made up of mattresses that again have the best pocket sprung spring system at their core, working hard to support every inch of your body.

You are then able to choose from the most luxurious fillings. There are mattresses that are manufactured with Natural fillings and include the softest New Zealand Wool, Cashmere & Silk. This natural goodness makes you feel like you are floating on a cloud of loveliness. The Cool Blue Memory Foam filling is a squishy layer of marshmallow heaven that you sink into ever so slightly supporting all of your bodacious body.

The natural range is hand side stitched, and the memory foam mattresses have edge foam to support you from edge to edge. Both these specifications extend the length of the life of the mattress & increase your sleeping surface area.

Every aspect of this range has been meticulously thought about and developed to be the best of the best, better than all the rest. Basically they are pretty fantastic.
Show me the Honey!!!

Is there anything else I need to know?

Look for the NBF logo. All of our mattresses are made by manufacturers that are members of the National Bed Federation. This means that all our mattresses are made by manufacturers that meet British Safety Standards & are as described. Unfortunately people out there are selling goods that do not meet fire regulations and are not as described whether this be the spring count in the mattress or the fillings used. Look for the NBF logo when purchasing your bed to make sure you are getting what you have paid for.

Technical Mumbo Jumbo

The technical mumbo jumbo can be confusing but it is important, so we have tried to break this down for you.
Here is a rundown on the various innards of a mattress!

  • Coil Sprung Mattresses – This spring system is the most economical and is therefore most likely to be found in the Essentials Range. The springs are arranged in rows and connected to one another by a wire with a heavy gauge.


  • Miracoil Spring system – similar to open coil mattresses but the lines of springs go from top to bottom instead of right to left. This means you don’t get roll together as per the hippo and the chick advert.


  • Pocket Sprung Mattresses – Individual pocket springs working independently to support your bodacious body all over! They are the Bees Knees when looking for a super supportive every night mattress. Remember that when a mattress has over 1500 pocketed springs, the spring system has to double up, so more springs does not necessarily mean more support. Sometimes the more suitable choice is a 1500 pocket that has better fillings and a better quality finish in the feel you prefer.


  • Memory Foam – This fabulous invention helps you feel like you are cuddled up on a cloud of comfiness? Memory Foam responds to body heat resulting in the mattress moulding and remoulding to your body.


  • Cooler Blue Memory Foam – This memory foam has a sprinkling of magic on it. The Cooler Blue memory foam does not get significantly harder in cold conditions or softer in warm, as is often associated with traditional memory foam. It maintains an even and consistent firmness regardless of temperature and helps prevent heat discomfort.


  • Latex Foam – Now if you are hot stuff, latex is the way to go. Unlike memory foam it does not absorb and trap the heat as it is breathable. Latex is great for pressure relief and total comfort, so you’ll wake up refreshed and ready for anything. It is more buoyant than memory foam so therefore feels a bit more bouncy.


  • Natural Fillings – Layers of wool, cashmere, cotton and silk help to regulate your body temperature by drawing moisture away from the body as you sleep.


  • Geltex – Geltex mattresses help prevent your body from overheating whilst you sleep. They are breathable so do not trap in heat. They provide optimal body support and perfect pressure relief.


  • Hand Side Stiched – as opposed to fake machine stitching, the side of the mattress are hand sewn into 2 or 3 rows into a pocket sprung system, this makes the edges of the mattress more durable and increases you sleeping surface area as you do not feeling you’re rolling of the edges.


  • Edge foam- This is foam that encapsulates the spring system round the edges to give a more supportive framework to the memory and latex mattresses. It increases the sleep surface area of the mattress without that feeling like you are rolling of the edge.

All mattresses go through rigorous testing for comfort and durability. All mattresses have a minimum one year guarantee. If you have any manufacturing issues within one year, all you need to do is come back to us with your order details and we will contact the manufacturer for you. Many manufacturers also offer a 5 Year warranty too! Just ask to find out more details.