Mattress Buying Myths Exposed

December 07, 2019

Mattress Buying Myths

Mattress Buying Myths

Mattress buying myths abound and frankly it's not surprising. Let's be honest, most people haven't got a scooby doo about mattresses. Unless you're a sales person of mattresses, we're a rare breed, then it's understandable that your knowledge on mattresses will be limited. Indeed, most people probably buy only three or four mattresses in their whole lives. So when looking to buy a new mattress most people will turn to family, friends and the holy grail of Google. Once you start your plight to purchase a new mattress, buying myths come flooding in. Your favourite aunt tells you one thing, your friend another and the wonderful world of the web just sends your head in a spin. Here, at Beds On Legs, we're a tiny bit obsessed with mattresses and the myths that surround them. Here we will give you a heads up on the most common mattress buying myths. However, the golden rule is, if in doubt then get in touch. We are always more than happy to help you to get the best mattress for your needs. 

Mattress Buying Myths

Mattress Buying Myths – You Need To Turn Your Mattress To Extend Its Life

This myth certainly has a grain of truth in it. The standard advice was always that you should turn your mattress to get the best out of it. However, manufacturing of mattresses has evolved. Mattresses are now often designed to be slept on one side only and fillings are incorporated in such a way that they don't need to be turned. We advise that you always read the manufacturers instructions. One size doesn't fit all!

 Mattress Buying Myths – If You Have A Bad Back You Need A Firm Mattress

Without a doubt, one of our most common myths is that in order to cure a bad back then you need a firm mattress. If we had a pound for every time someone mentioned this then we would never need to work again! In fact, a firm mattress can make a bad back worse. This is because rather then providing the support you need, extra pressure is in fact put on your body. The ideal mattress should support your body and keep your spine in the correct alignment. Above all else though, listen to your body. If it feels uncomfortable when you're trying it then it's probably not the right mattress for you.

Mattress Buying Myths – The More Expensive The Better

If you think the more you spend then the better the mattress then you're not entirely right. Whilst we strongly advise against economy mattresses for permanent use, we certainly don't think you need to take out a mortgage to get a good mattress. Sometimes the mattress may cost more because it has a better guarantee or it looks prettier. This doesn't necessarily mean it is more comfortable.

 Mattress Buying Myths – The More Springs The Better

This little gem is a popular myth with those that have a little bit of knowledge about mattresses. Indeed, higher spring counts are generally associated with better performance. This is because they can be more responsive to your body. However, there comes a point when more springs become a feature rather than a benefit. A king size mattress with 2000 springs is a good ball park figure to go by.

Mattress Buying Myths – The Base Doesn't Matter

If you buy an all singing, all dancing mattress but the base is worn then your new mattress will suffer. The base is an integral part in how the mattress performs. A sprung base will provide softer support then a hard top base. Indeed this will effect how the mattress feels. So before you splash the cash, you need to make sure that your base is up to scratch. For more guidance on buying a mattress then why not check out our mattress buying guide. For more advice you can also visit the sleep council website.

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