7 Ways To Decorate Your Bedroom Walls.

February 28, 2022

Bedroom Walls

How Can I Decorate My Bedroom Walls? 

You’ve got the bed of your dreams and your bedroom furniture is bang on. So now the big question is how can I decorate my bedroom walls? Let’s be honest leaving your bedroom walls blank leaves your space looking a little bit…well, drab. Indeed, it’s your wall space that can totally transfer your space from vanilla to kicking. Magnolia walls aint going to get your interior tastes buds tingling that’s for sure! Here are our top tips on how to decorate your bedroom walls. 

Bedroom Walls

1.Go Bold or Go Home.

Painting your bedroom walls with a bold colour is an easy and economical way of updating your bedroom walls. Most people don’t mind a dabble with a paint brush so it’s a cost-effective way of giving your bedroom some oomph.  Don’t be afraid of using dark colours as this is a great way of creating an intimate feel to your bedroom. For example, dark navy walls are ideal for adding atmosphere to a bedroom. If you’re nervous about painting all your bedroom walls, then you could just create a feature wall that your bed is placed against. 

Bedroom Walls

2. Roll Out the Wallpaper. 

Wallpaper is massively on vogue and is showing no signs of declining in popularity. Without a doubt, wallpaper is a fabulous way of adding colour, pattern and even texture to a bedroom. What’s more the choice of wallpaper is phenomenal and there’s something for everyone. If you’ve never hung wallpaper before then it’s best to seek out a professional to get that polished look. 

Bedroom Walls

3. Consider A Mural. 

Having a Mural on one of your bedroom walls is a great way of adding some impact to your bedroom. You can either commission a unique piece yourself or a for a more cost effective approach you can buy a pre-made Mural.

Bedroom Wall


4. Create A Gallery Wall.

If you love your art or even photography, then your bedroom walls are a great space to create a gallery wall. If you want a gallery wall, then they look best curated on neutral walls painted in either an off white or even a pale grey.  

Bedroom Walls

5. Get Some Shelf Life 

Add some life to your bedroom walls by placing some shelves on them.  A single shelf above your bed is a great way of showcasing curiosities and belongings. If you want to inject some greenery into your space, then try grouping various foliage plants on your shelf. 

Bedroom Walls

6. Sparkle With Fairy Lights. 

Who doesn’t love the look of fairy lights? Indeed, your bedroom walls are a great space for hanging some sparkling lights for that magical feeling all year round. The space behind your headboard is the ideal space for hanging your lights. 

Bedroom Walls

7. Invest In Wood Paneling. 

Wood paneling is currently all the rage and is a great way of adding depth and texture to your bedroom walls. There are several ways you can install wood paneling. Your chosen style will determine how you do this. For example, for a contemporary vibe then vertical slats look the business. If your D.I.Y savvy, then you can even take a project on like this yourself.  

Bedroom Walls

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