What Is a Small Double Bed?

March 04, 2022

What Is a Small Double Bed?

What Is a Small Double Bed? Our 101 Guide.

A small double is the perfect sized bed for those looking for a bit more wiggle room than a single but don’t have the space for a double.  Indeed, a small double bed is also referred to as a 4ft bed or a three-quarter bed. Whether you want a small double bed for growing children or for a guest room, we’ve got it covered. If you’re interested in a small double bed and want to have a peek at our full range, then just click here.

What Is a Small Double Bed?

What Size Is a Small Double Bed?

A small double bed is halfway between a single and a double bed. It measures 4ft (122 cm) in width x 6ft3 (190 cm) in length. Therefore, a small double bed is 1ft (30.48 cm) wider than a single and 0.5ft (15 cm) narrower than a double. Therefore, in a bedroom with smaller proportions a small double bed could be just the ticket. However, you should note that external measurements will vary. For example, wooden beds will be wider than a divan style bed. All our external measurements are listed under each product.

What Is a Small Double Bed?

Will A Small Double Bed Work for Me?

If you’re hankering after a double bed but the dimensions just won’t work, then a small double bed could be the perfect compromise. You’d be surprised just what a difference 6 inches can make! Indeed, a small double bed is often suitable for a guest bedroom and will comfortably sleep 2 people on an occasional basis. Furthermore, small double beds are extremely popular for children’s bedrooms when they desperately want a ‘grown up’ bed but you don’t want to lose too much floor space.  

What Is a Small Double Bed?

What's more, a small double bed is a great way of fooling the eye into thinking a space is bigger than it is. Indeed, this is often a little trick used by interior designers when they dress a show home. This is because to the untrained eye it is difficult to tell the difference between a small double and a double bed.

What Types of Beds Do a Small Double Beds Do You Have on Offer?

Here at Beds on Legs we're as pleased as punch to offer a wide range of small double beds. Afterall, we all have different tastes and preferences. Firstly, we have several small double wooden beds for those who love the organic nature of wood. Alternatively, we have a extensive range of upholstered beds that vary in styles and finish. Indeed, upholstered beds are particularly sought after by interior fashionistas all over the UK.  Therefore, we have developed a colossal range for our customers to pick from. Most of our small double upholstered beds are available in numerous fabrics and colourways. Whether you want something daring and bright or neutral and classic, we’ve got a bed that’s right up your street.

What Is a Small Double Bed?

What Size Mattress Do I Need for A Small Double Bed?

If you’ve already got a double mattress and you’re hoping it might fit, we’re afraid it won’t. This is because a double mattress is 6 inches wider. Therefore, you need so select a mattress from our small double range. These mattresses measure 4ft (122cm) x 6ft3 (190cm). We offer a wide range of mattresses from sprung to pocket sprung, latex and memory foam.


What Is a Small Double Bed?

Can I Pay for A Small Double Bed on Finance?

We understand that sometimes it’s easy to pay for a large item such as bed in installments.  Therefore, we offer Klarna on all purchases over £35.00. If your bed is under £500.00 then you can pay for your bed in 3 installments. Furthermore, if your purchase is over £500.00 then you have the option to spread the cost over 6 or 12 months on 0% interest.

What Is a Small Double Bed?

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