4ft Small Double Ottoman Beds

February 10, 2021

4ft Small Double Ottoman Beds

4ft Small Double Ottoman Beds

4ft small double Ottoman beds are the best space saving bed for small bedrooms all across the UK. Here at Beds on Legs we appreciate that house sizes are getting smaller and even in big 4 bedroom houses you will almost always encounter at least one small bedroom. Indeed, small Double Ottoman Beds have lots to offer and here we are going to delve a little deeper into what makes them so good.

4ft Small Double Ottoman Bed

4ft Small Double Ottoman Beds - Space Saving

Without a doubt, 4ft Small Double Ottomans are the perfect size for space deprived bedrooms across the land. Furthermore, they are a great choice for when you just can't fit a standard Double size in. In fact, if you truly want to maximize on saving space we recommend a Divan style ottoman bed. The side rails, headboard and foot board are built within the structure so you do not have the problem of extra external frame measurements. What's more, with a divan style ottoman bed you can choose to have a side opening or an end opening depending on your needs. This type of ottoman creates a stylish studio look, however if you do have the space you can choose to add a headboard on.

4ft Small Double Ottoman Beds


4ft Small Double Ottoman Beds - Super Storage

4ft Small Double Ottoman Beds not only give you extra floor space, they also offer an exceptional storage area. In fact, divan style ottoman beds provide the deepest storage area at 26cm deep. You will be truly amazed by the amount that this ottoman will hold. The platform top base opens up high so you are able to reach the very back of the ottoman. The base is constructed with heavy duty super solid MDF. The durable structure ensures that you can fill the storage space confidently
4ft Small Double 0ttoman Beds

4ft Small Double Ottoman Beds - Budget

4ft Small Double Ottoman beds are available to suit every budget. If you are on a tight budget we recommend the Birlea Berlin Ottoman. The Birlea Berlin Ottoman has a sprung slatted base and includes a protective base sheet that sits on the floor. The storage area is 24cm deep and has lots of space for you to fill.

4ft Small Double Ottoman Beds

4ft Small Double Ottoman Beds - Stylish Designs

4ft Small Double Ottoman Beds never forgo style for function, you will always get both. Pictured below we have the Diamond Cube Ottoman Bed and the Luna Ottoman Bed. The Diamond Cube Ottoman is pictured in a stylish Silver Grey Velvet finish. If Silver Grey Velvet is not the colour for you, you will be able to choose from a variety of alternative colours and fabric choices. The Luna Ottoman Bed is pictured in Silver Crushed Velvet. What's more, the crushed velvet finish creates a truly opulent and glamorous look and is available in five different colours.

4ft Small Double Ottoman Beds
4ft Small Double Ottoman Beds

4ft Small Double Ottoman Bed - Best Sellers 

Pictured below is the Love Sleep Button Ottoman Bed in silver velvet. Without a doubt, this love sleep Ottoman is one of our current best sellers. You will benefit from the platform top base which is the best type of opening to have on an ottoman bed. You will also have a spacious storage area to fill. The buttoned headboard is a classic style design that will compliment all types of room decor. Furthermore, the love sleep Ottoman is also available in a variety of colours and fabric finishes.

4ft Small Double Ottoman Bes

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