6ft Super Kingsize Ottoman Beds

February 10, 2021

6ft Super Kingsize Ottoman Beds - Big, Bold and Beautiful

The most substantial beds are the 6ft Super Kingsize Ottoman Beds. If you've got the space then why not use it? There are a number of benefits to these super sized beds. You will have more room to sleep and get a more restful sleep. Plus all the family can spend some quality snuggle time together. Furthermore, from an aesthetic point of view, in a really large bedroom your bed won't look dwarfed by its surroundings.

6ft Super Kingsize Ottoman Beds

The Bees Knees Emma Ottoman

King Size Ottoman beds don't get much grander than the Emma Ottoman bed. With its oversized headboard and deep buttoned detailing this stunning bed is a fantastic addition to the bedroom. We think it is perfect for creating the hotel chic look that is trending at the moment. This high class bed is pictured in plush velvet indigo below but it is also available in numerous other fabrics. Furthermore this bed has the added benefit of ample storage with a generous depth of 25cms. Indeed, if you want get one to get one up on the joneses then this bed ticks all the boxes

 6ft Super Kingsize Ottoman Bed - Snooze You Lose

6ft Super Kingsize Ottoman beds are available to suit every budget. The Love Sleep Essential Ottoman bed is available at an exceptionally good price and is one of our bestsellers! The storage area is a whopping 24cm deep. The Love Sleep Essential Ottoman bed is pictured here in wool clay. This ottoman has a platform top base which is the best type of opening to have on an ottoman bed. A platform top base will keep the whole structure rigid in and with one helps to open it in one swift movement. This bed has classically modern look that has proved very popular with our customers.
6ft Super Kingsize Ottoman Beds

6ft Super Kingsize Ottoman Beds - Bestseller

One of our best selling 6ft Super Kingsize Ottoman Beds is the Love Sleep Button Ottoman bed. The Love Sleep Button Ottoman bed is equally at home in modern or a traditional bedroom. We love the chesterfield style headboard and the fact that the choice of fabrics is vast. The storage space is a respectable depth of 24 cm, allowing for lots of items to be stored. If you are eager to have a Super Kingsize bed but need to keep the dimensions tight then this bed is the perfect solution. Owing to the straight headboard the overall floor space needed for this bed is not as much as some of the others.  Click hereto view our full range of 6ft Super Kingsize Ottoman Beds.
6ft Super Kingsize Ottoman Beds

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