4ft Beds at Beds on Legs

February 10, 2021

Three quarter beds, small double beds and four foot beds, there are many terms used for 4ft Beds and we are here to give you the low down on what is so darn good about them.

Why get a 4ft Bed?

One of the main benefits of getting a 4ft bed is that they are great at freeing up floor space. Those extra few inches gained compared to a standard double bed really do make a difference. If you have a really tight space to fill we recommend divan style beds. Aside from the headboard the floor space taken is the same as that of your mattress. You don't have to contend with bulky foot boards and chunky side rails. You can also then opt for storage drawers or perhaps an Ottoman base? We have a fabulous selection of Divan Beds available in a stylish range of colours and finishes.

4ft Beds

4ft Beds for growing children

A 4ft bed is the perfect size for a child or teenager who is growing out of their single bed and really needs space to stretch growing limbs. At a certain age it is compulsory to sleep like a star fish in order to get a good nights sleep. The space issue is a major factor here also. Generally children will get the smaller rooms compared to adults and they need wardrobes for vast amounts of clothing and work stations to do vast amounts of homework, leaving a somewhat small space for sleeping.

4ft Beds - Stylish Designs

It can sometime be hard to find stylish looking 4ft beds and choices can be limited. Here at Beds on Legs we have made it our mission to build a range of 4ft Beds that are desirable to all tastes and budgets.

Here at Beds on Legs we have 4ft Wooden Beds in various finishes and styles.

4ft Beds

We have a vast range of fashion forward 4ft Fabric Upholstered Beds. You can choose from a wide variety of colours and headboard styles. We have flat weave fabrics, velvet fabrics and chenille's finishes in a whole array of colours. We have Hotel Chic Tall Headboards and Buttoned Headboards to suit all tastes.

4ft Beds


Perhaps metal finishes are more your thing? We have 4ft Metals Beds both classically traditional and super modern in style.

 4ft Beds

If you are in need of storage space then 4ft Ottoman Beds and 4ft Divan Beds with Storage Drawers are available in abundance.

 4ft Beds

Click here to view our full range of 4ft Beds.

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