Velvet Beds at Beds on Legs

February 10, 2021

A Velvet Upholstered bed from our store is a lovely way to create a tranquil but stylish space that you can escape to in your own home. Velvet Beds are the way to go in 2016!

What Type of Velvet Bed Should I Opt For?

Sorry to confuse you all but in case you did not realise there are many different types of Velvet fabrics available for our Velvet Beds. The cut of the pile can create a mind boggling array of different looks and finishes. Lets us walk you through the options.

Velvet Beds - Lola Bed in Silver Velvet

Velvet Beds - Subtle and Versatile

Velvet by its very nature is the perfect choice of fabric to have in your bedroom, its is super soft and incredibly extravagant all rolled into one. The understated finish of the fabric in the below beds create a delicate shine that has a refined quality. The fabric pile is short, soft and understated. We can imagine these velvet beds on either stripped back wooden floors or on plush carpets, they would fit perfectly with both. The velvet will add a touch of luxury to a rustic earthy bedroom or it will enhance on the glamour in a more opulent setting.

Velvet Beds - Monte Carlo Bed in Velvet Velvet Beds - Empire Bed in Velvet Velvet Beds - Cube Bed in Velvet Velvet Beds - Cavendish Bed in Velvet

Top Tip: Velvet Beds are not to be confused with Chenille Beds, the feel and look is quite different. Velvet fabric is always smoother to the touch and the weave of the fabric is less visible.

Velvet Beds - Luxurious Gems

Here the shine is turned up, the pile of the fabric plays with the light to create texture and depth. This finish could quite easily sit in the same settings as above, it all depends on how the bedroom is styled. The main thing is the fabric will catch the light more creating a sumptuous Boutique Hotel style. So if you are wanting that Hotel Chic look then this is the one for you.

Velvet Beds - Orbit Bed in Silver Velvet Velvet Beds - Zafia Bed in VelvetVelvet Beds - Epsilon Bed in Mink VelvetOberon Belvet Bed

Top Tip:

When perusing our website, if you see a bed you like but alas you are not so keen on the colour, always click on the item anyway. Many of our beds are available in several different shades and finishes!

Velvet Beds - Glitz and Glam

The sparkle of Crushed Velvet Beds is amplified to a whole new level! So if you like glitz and glamour this could be the finish for you.The pile of the fabric is pressed in such a way that even in a dimly lit room the light catches every single angle and bursts off it with such drama. We think this is definitely a statement piece that can make a beautiful impact in an opulent bedroom.

Velvet Beds - Bordeaux Bed in Black Velvet Velvet Beds - Luna Ottoman in Crushed Velvet

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