Ottoman Beds - What to look for when buying an ottoman bed?

February 10, 2021

Ottoman Beds

Ottoman Beds - What To Look For When Buying An Ottoman Bed

Beds on Legs are crazy about ottoman beds, we love how much you can hideaway under them & how stylish they can look. As pieces of furniture go, your bed is one of the biggest in your home, it takes up so much space so it seems silly not to make use of this. Your bed can store a huge amount and by using the under bed storage instead of purchasing wardrobes & drawers etc, you can create more space within your bedroom.


Ottoman Beds



Ottoman beds now come in hundreds of styles and materials and this can make it confusing when trying to decide which one to go for. We have written a brief guide below to try and make this choice a little easier for you.

1. Ottoman Beds - Base Type

Sprung Slatted or Boarded Mattress Base:Sprung slatted bases vary in quality, but generally ottoman beds that are kinder on the purse strings, have a sprung slatted base.

The prices are generally higher for an ottoman bed with a boarded mattress base. This is due to them being stronger and being manufactured from better quality materials.

Ottoman Beds


Generally speaking the boarded mattress base is the best option to go for, they are built to last and they offer a more supportive base for your mattress. We recommend Kaydian ottoman beds, they offer great quality ventilated boarded mattresses bases and are built using quality timbers to the highest standards.

Ottoman Beds

There are however a few exceptions and on some of our models like the Helmsley & Coniston Ottomans, they have a reinforced sprung slatted base with an extra support bar down the middle of each side of the slats. This is as well as the standard central support bar that runs down where the slat caps are pushed into. These sprung slatted bases are rigid, supportive bases that are very well constructed and built to stand the test of time.

Ottoman Beds

2.  Internal Storage Options

One reason that ottoman beds vary so much in price is the internal storage construction. The most basic ottoman beds do not have a floor on the inside. This means that your items would sit on your own floor. Some ottoman beds like the Berlin Ottoman have a velcro lining which sits around the bottom of the frame, so that your items can sit on this and the dust does not get in.

The better quality bed frame ottoman beds have a floating floor, again Kaydian beds offer great internal ottoman bed construction and all their ottoman beds have an internal floating floor, ensuring your items are enclosed and are sat off the ground. Divan ottoman beds are also a great option, they are like an ottoman box, they come in 2 halves from a 4ft size upwards. They are completely enclosed and stop any dust getting to your items.

Ottoman Beds

3.  Gas Lift Pistons

Another thing to be aware of when selecting your ottoman bed is the strength of the pistons used in the ottoman itself. This will affect how easy the ottoman will lift and the maximum weight of mattress you can put on the bed. Generally speaking the following specifications provide an easy lift mechanism 4x 600n on a Side Lift Divan Ottoman, 4x 800n on an End Lift Divan Ottoman Bed & 2x 900n on a 4ft6 double bedstead ottoman, 2x 1100n on a kingsize and 2x 1350n on a super kingsize.

Many cheaper ottoman frames have 2x 600n which is not suitable for heavier style mattresses.

4. Ottoman Beds - Style

Divan Style or bedstead ottoman:A divan ottoman bed comes in two halves on all sizes up from a 4ft and one block only as a single. They arrive made up in the divan blocks with the pistons fitted so they do not require much assembly and because your mattress sits from edge to edge of the base, they are great for those where space is tight.

You can select from a Side Lift or End Lift, the side lift is a great option for smaller bedrooms where you would not be able to access and lift the bed from the end.

Ottoman Beds

A divan ottoman bed opens like an ottoman box and it has a boarded floor within it to put your items safely in and it keeps them dust free. Divan ottoman beds tend to be easier to lift as each box has 2 pistons lifting each half, 4 in total where as on a bedstead ottoman there is only one either side. Our divan ottoman beds come in a huge range of colours and fabrics with a selection of different headboards in different styles to match the base. Divan Ottomans all tend to sit at a standard divan height with a choice of castors or silver gliders for feet.

The one thing to take account of with a divan ottoman bed is the access to your bedroom and if you're able to get the divan blocks up there. Divan ottoman beds vary in quality but in general are easy to lift, taking heavier better quality mattresses, they are also well constructed, giving you a boarded mattress base, an interior floor to put your items in and are available in a wide choice of finishes.

Ottoman Beds

Bedstead ottoman beds vary greatly in quality, so much more attention to detail is needed. The is where our construction tips come in really handy as a bedstead ottoman could have any base, a basic sprung slatted, a reinforced sprung slatted or a boarded mattress base. The interior of the ottoman base can also vary greatly, no floor, fabric floor, boarded floor that sits on your floor or a platform boarded base that sits off the ground.

You need to make sure that you look for these things when purchasing your ottoman to make sure you get the right one. Bedstead ottomans come flat pack and are self assembly so can be great for rooms where access is difficult.

Ottoman bedsteads can look more contemporary, especially by companies such as Kaydian who pay a lot of attention to detail. Many ottoman beds have hardwood feet which can make the ottoman bed look more stylish. Sleigh bed ottomans are particularly fabulous and can looking stunning.

Ottoman Beds

Colours & Fabrics:  With such a wide choice, selecting the fabric or colour you require can be very confusing, if you are unsure it is best to order a fabric sample. These can often be sent out first class to arrive the next day and are great at giving you a better idea of what you are purchasing. The most popular colours we offer are the greys or silver, it seems grey is the new beige as it is a palette that goes with anything.

Ottoman Beds

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