What Is The Best Storage Bed?

October 17, 2021

What Is The Best Storage Bed?


If you've just started your search for a storage bed then you may be feeling overwhelmed by the choice that's available. In the last few years demand for storage beds has grown rapidly and manufacturers have responded by growing their collections of storage beds. Once up on time the only storage bed you could get was a drawer divan bed and whilst they were practical they didn't necessarily look attractive. Thankfully, times have moved on and thankfully valances are a thing of the past. Sorry Gran! Today's storage beds are made to be seen and not covered! However, with that much choice how do know what best storage bed is? Indeed, this will largely depend on your individual requirements. Here's the low down on all the types of storage beds that we offer. For all our storage beds just click here.

Best Storage Bed


The Divan With Drawers


Before you turn you nose up at the idea of owning a divan bed just put your prejudices aside for a moment. Indeed, divan beds used to get a bad rap in the world of interiors. However, these practical beds have had a serious makeover in the last few years. Long gone are the days when practicality was the main function of these beds. Whilst storage is still massively important, modern day divans have to work hard for a space on your bedroom floor.

Best Storage Bed


But how do you know if a divan bed is the best storage bed for you? Well there are a number of factors. Drawer divans are perfect for those who have modest storage needs. They are also ideal if you want to have everyday access to your items and don't want to disturb your bed partner. Finally drawer divan beds are the most purse friendly option. Therefore, if you're on a budget then this may be the best storage bed for you.


Divan Style Ottoman Bed


Leading on from the drawer divan is the Ottoman divan bed. Now, this is the best storage bed for those who are really serious about their storage needs! This is because a divan Ottoman bed offers the maximum amount of storage space by utilising every available square inch under the bed. No room for spiders under one of these bad boys! The main benefit of a divan style Ottoman bed over a bedstead Ottoman is that its external footprint is often only as wide as the mattress. This is because the mattress sits directly on top of the divan. This is as opposed to a bedstead, were the mattress sits in the frame therefore adding inches to the overall width. Therefore, the advantage being that you can get all the storage you need without sacrificing floor space.


Best Storage Bed

The other advantage of an divan style Ottoman bed is that it features 4 gas pistons as opposed to 2. This makes lifting and accessing the storage that little bit easier. You can read more about what type of Ottoman bed is the best here.


Bedstead Ottoman Bed


If you prefer the look of traditional bedstead then a bedstead Ottoman bed might be the best storage bed for you. Indeed, these beds are designed to look like a standard bed frame but aslo incorporate storage. Therefore, if you like your bed to be on legs and for your mattress to sit into a frame then a bedstead Ottoman should tick all your boxes. From a practical point of view, bedstead Ottomans are also the best storage bed if access is tricky. For example if the bed is designated to go into a loft space. This is because all bedstead Ottomans are flat pack and therefore can be manoeuvred with ease.


Best Storage Bed


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