August 11, 2021 2 min read

 The SleepSoul Space Mattress

Getting the right mattress can sometimes feel like looking for a needle in a haystack.  With so many options out there it’s easy to get bamboozled! That’s why it’s advisable to look at a mattress that has been rigorously tested and investigated by an independent body. So, without further ado, say hello to the SleepSoul Space mattress which has been awarded the coveted Which? Best Buy accolade. Which? in their own words are ‘the UK’s consumer champion’. They are a non-for-profit organization that has the interests of the consumer at heart. This means you can purchase goods they recommend with confidence. You can visit their website here. 

SleepSoul Space Mattress


How Do I Know I Need a New Mattress? 

Before you dive headfirst into looking for a new mattress, you might want to know if you need one first.  There are a few key signals to look for when deciding if your mattress has seen better days: - 

  1. Are you waking up with aches and pains in the morning? Whilst aches and pain aren’t always indicative of needing a new mattress, if these pains are new then your mattress could be contributing to them. Even if you have aches and pains that can’t be attributed to a mattress, you could still benefit from a more supportive mattress. 
  2. Is your mattress more than 7 years old? As a rule, you should replace your mattress every 7 years. If your mattress is significantly older, this could be a good indication that you need to invest in a new mattress.  
  3. Is your mattress sagging? If your mattress is sagging where is shouldn’t then the springs have possibly collapsed and/or the fillings have degenerated. Therefore your body won’t be get the support you deserve.  

Why Choose The SleepSoul  Space Mattress? 

Awarded Best Buy by Which?

As you already know, the SleepSoul Space mattress has been awarded the prestigious Which ‘Best Buy’ accolade. Indeed, as Which? is an independent body you can be sure there isn’t any bias or influence.  In other words, they act purely on behalf of the consumer.  The SleepSoul Space mattress scored 5 our of 5 in all durability tests and  5 out of 5 for ‘turning the mattress’ Furthermore, it scored 4 out 5 for ‘body support lying on front’ and ‘breathability’. That’s nearly a clean sheet! 

Features 2000 Pocketed Springs - The SleepSoul Space mattress boasts an impressive 2000 pocketed springs. They are distributed amongst two layers and therefore offers your body unrivalled support.  This is because each spring works independently and therefore mould more effectively to your individual body.  Furthermore, this type of spring system also means that you won’t experience any roll together. Unless you want to of course! 


Features A Pillow Top Layer - The SleepSoul Space mattress also has a luxurious pillow top which will make you feel like you’re floating on air when you climb into bed on a night.  


Vacuum Packed- The SleepSould Space mattress comes vacuumed packed which allows for ease of transport. Furthermore, any access issues shouldn’t be a problem.  


To invest in the SleepSoul mattress just click here.