White Wooden Ottoman Beds

February 10, 2021

white wooden ottoman beds

White Wooden Ottoman Beds for Practicality and Style

Our white wooden Ottoman beds are ideal if you're looking for a bed that looks fresh and incorporates heaps of storage. White wooden Ottomans beds are the chameleons of the bed family. They can adapt to fit into nearly any bedroom. Teenage bedroom...check. Guest bedroom...absolutely. Main bedroom...well of course! Plus our white wooden Ottoman beds will go with any colour in the rainbow and then some. Purple, grey, blue or black...these beds will look great in any of these colour schemes. This attribute also makes them a great choice for those who have itchy feet when it comes to interior design. This, in turn, makes them an economical choice. It's much cheaper to buy a tin of paint than to buy a new bed.

However, don't forget that our white wooden Ottoman beds are not one trick ponies. These beds have a colossal amount of storage on offer. In fact, they have so much available storage that they beat the four drawer divan hands down. Indeed, they have up to four times the amount of storage! Here is a selection of some of our white wooden Ottoman beds.

Love Sleep Ottoman Bed

If your can't stop dreaming about recreating the cosy but clean look of Hygee, then you’ll love our Love Sleep Ottoman bed. With its shaker style headboard and it’s beautiful simplicity it’s the perfect bed for your Nordic bolt hole. Nordic design is also marked by functionality which is were this bed also comes up trumps. With Ottoman storage this bed can hold up to four times the amount as a standard four drawer divan. Add a chunky cable knit throw and some crisp white bedlinen and you’ll be nailing cosy chic like a pro.

White Wooden Ottoman Beds

The Harrison White Ottoman Bed

This bed should be a forerunner if you're considering investing in one of our white wooden Ottoman beds. This bed is adaptable to both the New England and the Beach look. With it's solid headboard and copious storage you really get a lot of bed for your pennies with this little beauty.

White Wooden Ottoman Beds

The Maine Wooden Ottoman Bed

This bed has style in abundance. With its shaker style headboard and clean white finish, this bed could sit easily in a number of interior styles. With its Ottoman storage, this bed is more than just a classy sleeping space. Designed with hydraulic arms, accessing your secret stash is as easy as one two three.


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