White Beds At Beds on Legs.

April 13, 2022

White Beds

5 Reason Why Our White Beds Are a Wise Investment. 

White beds are timeless pieces of furniture that have proved to stand the test of time. Indeed, fashions come and go but white beds are stalwarts of the bed world. This is largely because white beds are the epitome of neutral and therefore go with absolutely everything. Whether you want a bold colour scheme or a paired back pastel bedroom, you can be sure that a white bed will fit in perfectly. What’s more, they allows you to have the flexibility to redesign your bedroom as you wish without having to buy a new bed every time. Here, at Beds on Legs, we offer white beds in a variety of finishes from wood to leather. Here are our top 5 benefits of a white bed. For a peek at full range just click here.

1. Perfect For Both Traditional and Contemporary Bedrooms.

White beds are suitable for both traditional and contemporary spaces. What’s more, a lot of our beds are suitable for both interior styles. Therefore, a white bed is a great choice if you like to switch up your style more often than you have hot dinners! For example, the Serene Mya would look equally at home in a cottage style and minimalist bedroom.

White Beds

2. A Blank Canvas.

Because white beds go with absolutely every colour under the sun, you can decorate your bedroom however you desire. There is no colour off limits, not even black, if the mood takes you that is!

White Beds

3. Can Brighten a Space.

Because white reflects the light, a white bed can help to make your bedroom feel lighter and brighter. What’s more, white beds can help to make your bedroom feel more spacious and even cleaner. White is, after all, associated with cleanliness.

White Beds

4. Some Models Offer Storage.

Not only do our white beds look the part but some of our models come with storage too.  Let’s be honest, a bed that looks great and is practical to boot has be worth considering. For those who want to maximise on storage then our Love Sleep Wooden Ottoman is great investment.

White Beds

5. Great For Children’s Bedrooms.

White beds are a wise investment for children’s bedrooms. Indeed, children’s tastes often change as they grow up. Whilst a pastel pink bedroom may be perfect for a younger child, the chances are their tastes will evolve as they mature.  A white bed means you won’t have to keep investing in new furniture every time you decide to overhaul their space.

White Beds





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