The Pros and Cons of Navy Ottoman Beds.

April 15, 2022

Pros and Cons of Navy Ottoman Beds

Considering One of Navy Ottoman Beds? 

Navy ottoman beds are the perfect solution if you’re looking for a swish bed that offers oodles of storage. Indeed, our navy ottoman beds have become increasingly popular as demand rises for beds that are little less ordinary. Navy is a great colour for a bedroom as it can help to create a feeling of luxury and indulgence. Let’s be frank, your bedroom should be a place that makes you feel cosseted and one of navy ottoman beds would make an impressive statement. Here are the pros and cons of our navy ottoman beds. For a gander at our full range, just click here.

Pros and Cons of Navy Ottoman Beds

The Pros of Navy Ottoman Beds.

  1. Rich and Luxurious Colour – Colour is a fabulous way of changing the mood of any interior space. Indeed, there are numerous studies that shows how colour can influence our mood. Navy is a colour that invokes relaxation as well as luxury, making it superb for use in the bedroom. However, you might feel reluctant to paint your walls in such a bold colour. Therefore, introducing a navy bed is the perfect solution for adding some drama into your bedroom.
  2. Can Make Your Bedroom Feel More Upmarket – All our navy ottoman beds are upholstered beds. Indeed, fabric beds add texture and depth to a space and can even help to make your bedroom feel more upmarket. Move over, Mrs Bucket, we’ve got this one!
  3. Wide Choice of Styles – Everybody has different tastes and we’ve worked tirelessly to make sure our range of navy ottoman beds reflect this. Whether you fancy a modern bed or even an Art Deco inspired bed then we’ve got just the bed for you.
  4. Heaps of Storage – When it comes to storage beds, you’d be hard pressed to find anything better than an ottoman bed. This is because our ottoman beds offer up to four times the amount of storage a standard four drawer divan bed. This is because these beds use every square inch of available space under the bed. Just think of what you could hide, erm we mean store there!
  5. Easy To Use and Look After – Some people are concerned that a coloured fabric bed is difficult to look after. However, be assured that only a minimal amount of maintenance is required to look after a fabric bed. Just a weekly hoover and the occasional wipe with a damp cloth is ample. Furthermore, lifting one of our navy ottoman beds is as easy as pie. This thanks to the inclusion of hydraulic pistons. In case you were wondering what these are, these pistons are the same as those that assist you with opening of your car boot.
    Pros and Cons of Navy Ottoman Beds

The Cons of Navy Ottoman Beds.

  1. Restricted Colour Palette – If you are easily bored by your interiors and like to play around with it on a regular basis then you may feel restricted by a coloured bed. Without a doubt, you are limited to colours that will compliment navy. However, there are still several different colour combinations that will work. For example, gold, green, pink, orange and grey all work well with navy.
  2. Some Maintenance Required – Whilst upkeep is minimal, as mentioned above, some people still find that this is just one extra chore that they could live without.
    Pros and Cons of Navy Ottoman Beds

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