Want To Know How To Sleep? Then Read Our Guide.

March 07, 2022

How To Sleep

How To Sleep, Our Top 5 Tips.

How to sleep is a question that many of us have asked and googled. The chances are if you’ve landed on this page then you’re desperate for a good night’s kip and are looking for solutions. Well here at Beds on Legs we’ve done our fair share of sleep research. In fact, we’ve often asked the question how to sleep ourselves.  There’s been many a day when we’ve wanted to climb in the beds on the showroom floor! Don’t worry, we don’t. Indeed, we understand the struggles surrounding sleep first hand and that makes us even more determined to help others learn how to sleep. Here are our top 5 tips on how to sleep.

How To Sleep


1. How To Sleep – Snack Before Bed.

Any advice telling you to snack must be good news, right? There is a lot of evidence to suggest that snacking before bed is a great tool to help get you off to the land of nod. However, when we say a snack, we mean something light and not a three-course slap up meal. Furthermore, what you eat is also important too. Experts recommend eating carbohydrate rich snacks as opposed to protein-based snacks. This is because carbohydrates increase the level of sleep-inducing tryptophan in the blood. Something such as a small bowel of cereal or a banana is ideal.

2. How To Sleep – Get Journaling.

How many times have you gone to bed to find you can’t get to sleep because your mind is racing with thoughts? Perhaps you’re running through lists of things you need to do the next day. Or maybe you’re playing out an argument you had earlier in the day.  Regardless of what is playing on a loop in your head, we can guarantee that getting your thoughts onto paper is a great way of calming down your mind.

3. How To Sleep – Meditate.

If you don’t fancy journaling, then meditating is another fantastic way of calming racing thoughts. What’s more, you don’t have to achieve buddha like status to meditate. That’s right, even you can learn how to mediate from the comfort of your own home. If you don’t know where to start then there are some great apps that you can download that will guide you through the process. And remember, meditating takes time to get the full benefits, so make sure you practice it daily.

4. How To Sleep – Stop Scrolling.

With the advent of the internet and all its glory so many of us are guilty of relentlessly scrolling through our phones on the night. However, such practices can seriously impact your sleeping patterns. This is largely due to the fact that mobile phones emit blue light which interferes with the hormones that make us sleepy. To get out of the habit, try leaving your phone out of reach so you won’t be lured in by the world wide web.

5. How To Sleep – Limit Your Alcohol.

Having a tipple before bed might seem like a great way of getting yourself off to the land of nod. Indeed, we’ve all heard the saying ‘night cap’. However, we’re sorry to be the bearer of bad news but alcohol can severely impact the quality of your sleep. So, whilst it may initially knock you out, your sleep will be of poorer quality.  Therefore, for a good night’s sleep try an alternative drink such as milk or chamomile tea.


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