How To Hibernate For The Winter

September 11, 2019


How To Hibernate 101

If you want to hibernate at this time of year then you're not on your own. All you have to do is look at your social media to see all the memes on the subject. As the nights get darker and colder it's a common feeling to want to batten down the hatches. Although we're not like other animals that have to hibernate it can certainly feel like we want to. Unfortunately modern life makes slowing down difficult. With responsibilities, jobs and family it can feel difficult to get off the treadmill. Luckily there are a number of things that you can put in place to enable you to hibernate like a pro.


Get Your Cosy On

Hibernating is all about getting your cosy on. This means curling up, embracing lots of layers and feeling all cosy. If you're favourite spot is on the couch then get some blankets on there so you can wrap yourself up like Yoda. If you've got a fire then light it and enjoy the warmth and light. It's also a good idea to go mad with the candles and enjoy the ambiance. If you want to go all out then invest in some scented candles of your favourite smells.

Eat And Drink Yourself Warm

At this time of year warm food and drinks can help you feel comforted. Sometimes nothing feels better then curling up with a steaming mug of tea. Furthermore, there are lots of comfort foods that warm the belly and the soul. If you're worried that comfort foods are fattening then fear not. A simple google search will lead you to lots of comfort food that is healthy as well as hearty.

Make Your Bedroom Your Sanctuary

Your bedroom is the prime spot for hibernating. This is where you get to huddle under the covers and get your snooze on. If your bed is unwelcoming then consider getting a new one. We've got a fabulous range of beds for all tastes and bedrooms. Make sure you add some thick throws to your bed for extra sung ability. Also try and schedule a bit more time for sleep. Indeed, it is pretty normal to feel like you need extra sleep at this time of year. So listen to your body and get up the apple and pears a little earlier then you normally would. Furthermore, don't feel guilty as this is your time to recharge so embrace it!

Disengage From Social Media.

When animals hibernate they are basically shutting down from the world for winter. Nowadays many of us are heavily involved in social media, making it difficult to disengage from the world. Cutting of from social media isn't a real possibility for many of us. However, you could set yourself a shut off point were you turn your phone off and allow yourself to be present in the moment. You never know you might just enjoy it!

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