Trundle Beds For A Comfortable Sleep

February 10, 2021

Trundle Beds

Trundle Beds, the Unsung Heroes

Trundle beds are fast becoming the preferred choice when selecting a guest bed. In the past the blow up inflatable was the standard guest bed go to. However, with countless lost hours blowing up these PVC mattresses, not to mention sleepless nights and bad backs, trundle beds have come to the rescue. Gone are they days of having to have the lung capacity of an Olympian swimmer, only to find out the next morning the mattress is as flat as a pancake. Gone are the days of your guests feeling like they're trying to sleep on the world's smallest bouncy castle. Yep, we can be thankful that trundle beds are here to save the day, the backs of your guests and your reputation as a host.

trundle Beds

Why are trundle beds so good?

Trundle beds are just like magic. Available as fully functioning beds one minute and vanished out of sight the next. Okay, maybe it's not magic but nonetheless they are still pretty nifty. As these beds are designed to slide under another bed they can be quickly utilised when needed and stored away in minutes when not. You don't need a to handle any tools to use one and you can save your lungs for the gym. A lot of our trundle beds also come with spring loaded legs so they can come up to the same height as your other bed. Hey presto you've got another double bed in a matter of seconds. Told you they were just like magic.

Trundle Beds

Where can trundle beds be used?

If your guest bedroom that has the floor space of a postage stamp and you don't want the bed the to dominate the space then a guest bed with a trundle is the perfect solution. When not in use the bed will only take up the space of either a small single or a single bed. Plus the trundle bed can always be moved into a independent room giving you even more options. Trundle beds are also ideal for your little ones. What child doesn't love having a sleepover? Again with a trundle bed, space doesn't need to be an issue.

trundle Beds

What mattress should I have on a trundle bed?

Well that all depends on how long you want your guests to stay! No, seriously we offer varying levels of mattresses for our trundle beds. The same rules apply to buying any mattress. Try to get the best you can afford and it will pay you back in comfort and longevity. The more use the mattress is going to get then ideally the better it should be. If you don't want to select a mattress from our options then you must ensure that the mattress you are going to use isn't too deep. A lot of trundle beds require a mattress that is below a certain depth to fit under the bed that will house it. We have all the measurements on our website for you to check on but if in doubt then don't hesitate to contact us.

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