Get Organised with Side Lift Ottomans

February 10, 2021

Side Lift Ottomans

Side Lift Ottomans Will Change Your Life.

We're not exaggerating we think side lift Ottomans are the best things since sliced bread. They will solve your storage woes whilst looking pretty lovely at the same time. Available in single size, super king size and all sizes in between there's a Ottoman that will fit your bedroom, no excuses. So if you're fed up of your bedroom resembling a ransacked outlet post Black Friday then you really need to consider one of these modern day wonders.

The Benefits Of A Clutter Free Bedroom

Okay, so maybe you’re wondering what the benefits of having a well organised and tidy bedroom really are. Let us tell you, they are vast. Firstly, an uncluttered bedroom can help give you a restful nights sleep which is beneficial to health. You can have all the green juice and lentils in the world but if your sleep is compromised then your health is going to be jeopardised. A tidy bedroom helps create a feeling of serenity which in turn can calm a noisy mind. All of this of course leads to some serious restful kip. Furthermore, you start the day in your bedroom and so to start in an uncluttered space can help make you feel ready for tackling the day ahead.

Side Lift Ottomans

Side Lift Ottomans For Maximum Storage

Keeping your bedroom ship shape and Bristol fashion is all about the storage. The more storage the better. Let's face it why should you part with your prized collection of shoes/books/frilly knickers if you can find a suitable home for them. However, there comes a point when your wardrobe can't take anymore and no matter how thin or ingenious your clothes hangers are, you've simply run out of storage space...or have you? If you think that space under your bed is just where monsters and creepy crawlies hang out then think again. The space under your bed is an area of huge storage potential and this where side lift Ottomans come in. These fantastic side lift Ottomans utilise all that unused surface area and turn it into some serious storage space. Most of our side lift Ottomans come with a heavy duty base too so you don't have to worry about keeping weight to a bare minimum.

Side Lift Ottomans

Side Lift Ottomans Look Great Too

Not only can side lift Ottomans help keep your floor space a pile free zone but they can be rather aesthetically pleasing too. Here, at Beds on Legs, we're as proud as punch to have an extensive range of side lift Ottomans on offer. We've got everything from grand sleigh style Ottoman beds to more simple designs for those who prefer an more understated look. Plus with umpteen fabrics to choose from we think we covered all bases. (pun intended)

Side Lift Ottomans


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