Storage Beds on top for 2018

February 10, 2021

Storage Beds

Storage Beds, the Eighth Wonder of the World

Storage beds are like mobile phones. Once you've owned one you'll wonder how you got through life without one. You'll talk about their functionality and celebrate their good looks. You'll tell everyone you know how the new storage beds are much better designed than they were 20 years ago. All and sundry will be told about your new found love for storage beds and you'll try to convert those who are reluctant, to get one. Once you've had one you'll be sure to want another and you'll never look back. Not convinced? Then read on.

Why Are Storage Beds So Great?

Let's be honest who doesn't need a bit more squireling space? Our storage beds certainly know how to deliver on that. With up to four times more storage, these beds laugh in the face of the traditional divan bed! Just think about how many shoes/clothes/collectables of your choice you could store in one. You could even hide out in one when you're trying to escape the world. Okay, maybe you wouldn't want to do that but the point is the amount space available is huge.

Storage Beds

Are Storage Beds Hard To Lift Up?

Don't worry you won't have to start pumping iron in the gym if you want to lift one of these beds. Equipped with gas lift pistons, lifting a storage bed is as easy as 1.2.3. Pushing the bed back down is just as painless. No big guns are required here. The only thing worth noting is that you do need the mattress on the bed for the gas lift system to work correctly.

Storage Beds

But Are Storage Beds Boring?

Hell no, we're not talking about underwear here! These beds might be the most practical beds on the block but they are super stylish too. From classy chesterfield style beds to winged back wonders, there is a bed to suit everyone’s interior nuances. Take a look at the Coco bed pictured below. Hardly dull is it? We thought not. Plus with a multitude of fabrics to pick from and in every shade of an artists palette, the options are endless. Fabric not your thing? No problem, our storage beds come in wood too.

Storage Beds

Can I Pay In Installments?

 We understand that sometimes life is just a little bit easier if you can spread the cost for the bed of your dreams. This is why we offer 12 months 0% finance on all orders over £500.00. Furthermore if you spend over £1000.00 you will also have the option of spreading the cost over 24 months. Please note that finance is subject to terms and conditions.

Storage Beds

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