Space Saving Kids' Beds at Beds on Legs

January 04, 2022

Space Saving Kids' Beds

Space Saving Kids' Beds

The new year represents a time of renewal and fresh starts. Therefore, if you’re thinking of redecorating your child’s bedroom this year then you might be interested in our space saving kids' beds. Indeed, a lot of kids' bedrooms are often more compact than other rooms in the house and thus you need to maximise every square inch of possible space.  Here at Beds on Legs we offer numerous space saving kids' beds for your perusal. Depending on what your specific needs are will determine which bed from our extensive selection is right for you.

Space Saving Kids' Beds


Bunk Beds

Bunk beds are timed served space saving kids' beds that have been gracing the bedrooms of children across the nation for time immemorial.  Indeed, who doesn’t have a memory of squabbling over who gets the top bunk bed? These beds are great for using the vertical space in the bedroom when you require more sleeping space. Indeed, these beds are great for siblings who share a bedroom or for those kids who love a regular sleepover with their pals.

Space Saving Kids' Beds

Midsleeper Bed

Midsleeper beds or cabin beds as some people know them are fantastic space saving beds that often incorporate both storage and sleeping space on the same footprint. What’s more, some of them even feature a pull out desk making these beds even more multi-functional. And that's not all, these beds are fantastic solutions if you want a bed that will last as your child grows. Indeed, they are suitable for both small children and teenagers alike.

Space Saving Kids' Beds

High Sleeper Bed

If you’re looking to maxmise the space beneath a bed, then you need to think high. Let us introduce you to our high sleeper space saving kid’s beds. These beds basically offer a bed on stilts with the option of various configurations beneath. For example, you might want to incorporate extra wardrobe space, a desk or cupboard space. If space isn’t an issue you could even use a high sleeper bed to create a den like space for playing. That will certainly gain you some parenting brownie points!

Space Saving Kids' Beds

Ottoman Beds

Ottoman beds are great solutions for children that are a little older and don’t want a bed that seems a little ‘childish’. Indeed, these beds basically look like a normal bed but have hidden storage in space beneath. Ottoman beds offer a massive amount of storage, offering up to four times the amount of storage as a standard four drawer divan.  Furthermore, as all our Ottoman beds feature gas lift pistons opening one is as easy as pie. You never know, an Ottoman bed may even help your child keep their bedroom spik and span. Well, we can but hope!


Space Saving Kids' Beds


Space saving beds are great solutions for children’s often smaller bedrooms. Indeed, there are several options when it comes to space saving kids' beds. Here at Beds on Legs, we strive to offer the most comprehensive selection on the market. If you have any questions on the different styles of beds on offer, then we are always happy to discuss your options with us.

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