4ft6 Double Ottoman Beds at Beds on Legs

January 07, 2022

4ft6 Double Ottoman Beds

4ft6 Double Ottoman Beds for Style and Storage

4ft6 double Ottoman beds are the perfect solution if you want your bed to provide the maximum amount of storage.  If you’ve just begun your search for the perfect bed, then you might be wondering whether you should take the plunge and invest in one of these beds. After all, buying a bed is a super important purchase and therefore it makes sense to do your research. Here are our 5 top reasons why you might want to invest in one of our 4ft6 double Ottoman beds. For our full range just click here.

4ft6 Double Ottoman Beds

    1. Impressive Storage.

Indeed, when it comes to storage, these beds are at the top of their game. In fact, 4ft6 double Ottoman beds provide up to four times the amount of storage as their 4 drawer divan counterparts. That’s an impressive amount of space that you can use for squirreling away all your worldly goods! In fact, you’ll be so blown away by the amount of storage on offer that once you’ve bought one you’ll want another.

4ft6 Double Ottoman Beds

2. Can Help to Keep Your Bedroom Clutter Free.

As these 4ft6 double Ottoman beds provide so much storage they can of course help you to keep your bedroom spik and span. We recommend putting items in your Ottoman that you don’t necessarily use on a regular basis. For example, you could free up some wardrobe space by keeping it seasonal and storing your clothes away until the appropriate time. Or perhaps you’ve got a shoe collection that you want to keep organised and see exactly what you’ve got at a glance.  Whatever you need to store then you can be assured that our 4ft6 double Ottoman beds won’t let you down.

4ft6 Double Ottoman Beds

3. Stunning Good Looks

Not only do our 4ft6 double Ottoman beds provide oodles of storage but they look fantastic too. Indeed, if you were worried that you must sacrifice on aesthetics for practicality then cast those fears aside. Indeed, all our 4ft6 double Ottoman beds are built to be seen and worthy of any Insta post.

4ft6 Double Ottoman Beds

4 Easy To Use.

You might be concerned that to lift one of our 4ft6 double Ottoman beds that you need some serious biceps. However, fear not as all our Ottoman beds feature hydraulic pistons which makes lifting one as easy as pie. These pistons work in the same way as your car boot. Therefore, if you can lift a car boot then you can lift one of these beds.
4f6 Double Ottoman Beds

5. Wide Choice of Styles and Fabrics


Our 4ft6 double Ottoman beds are available in such a huge range of styles and fabrics that we bet our bottom dollar that we’ve got a bed for everyone. Whether you want a traditional sleigh style bed or an iconic Art Deco bed we’ve got it covered. What’s more, all our 4ft6 double Ottoman beds are available in every colour of the rainbow and then some! From burnt orange, to cool grey we’ve left no stone unturned!

4ft6 Double Ottoman Beds

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