Maximise A Small Bedroom With Eight Tips

February 10, 2021

Making The Most Of A Small Bedroom

So you've got a small bedroom and you want to maximise its space. Whilst a postage stamp sized bedroom can be frustrating to decorate, it isn't impossible. Indeed, there are multiple ways in which you can fool the eye and make a small bedroom work hard for its place in your home. From clever use of colours to nifty storage beds, there are oodles of ways in which to make your small bedroom a welcoming sanctuary. So here are our tips on how the most out of a compact bedroom and none of them include knocking a wall down!

Small Bedroom

Use A Muted Colour Scheme

When designing a small bedroom it is best to use more muted tones. Whilst the obvious choice is white or cream, you are certainly not limited to these colours. Indeed a light grey, which is bang on trend at the moment would work equally as well and you'd be the envy of all your friends to boot. If you're recoiling at the idea of using muted colours then you could introduce stronger colours with your soft furnishing such as scatter cushions and throws. The theory behind using paler colours is that they are more light reflective and thus will give you the feeling of more space.

Mirror Mirror On The Wall

Mirrors are perfect for creating the illusion of more space. If you're feeling bold you could have a mirror covering the entirety of one wall. Alternatively, you could have mirrored wardrobes, which work especially well in a modern scheme.

Keep Clutter To A Minimum

We've said it before and we'll say it again... but keeping clutter to a minimum is essential in any bedroom and even more so in a small bedroom. Try to keep decorative items to a minimum, instead try to showcase just a few special items. Think tidy and try to keep your bedroom organised and always do your best to put things away.

Get A Storage Bed

Storage beds have seen a surge in popularity in recent years and it's easy to see why. Our Ottoman beds are especially stealing the show when it comes to maximising on storage. These genius beds can hold up to four times the amount as a standard four drawer divan. So, just when you thought you might have to cull your wardrobe the storage bed steps in to save the day. We're not ashamed to say that we could sing the praises of storage beds until the cows come home. For all our storage beds click here

Ditch The Curtains

If you want to create a more streamlined look then we recommend getting rid of your curtains and opting for streamlined blinds instead.

Size Does Count

If you've got a small bedroom then you need to make sure your bed is as compact as possible. If the bedroom is to be used a guest bedroom then you might want to invest in a small double bed or even a guest bed. Perhaps you want your bed to double up as a sofa and in which case you might want a consider one of our day guest beds.

The other things to consider is the overall dimensions of the bed. Indeed a double bed might take a double mattress but its overall dimensions could be considerably larger. Our website states all the external measurements of all our beds, so always make sure you check these out first.

Consider Fitted Furniture

Fitted furniture is perfect for maximising what available space there is. You can get wardrobes to make use of every available inch. When it comes to a small bedroom then your motto should be 'waste not want not'

Use Your Walls

Small bedrooms obviously have limited floor space. Indeed this is why you need to turn your attention to your vertical spaces. Shelving is the obvious choice but items such as wall hung bedside tables can work equally as well.

So there you have it, a small bedroom can be a wonderful and inviting space. For even more bedroom ideas then visit our Pinterest page.

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