Slay It With A Sleigh Bed With Storage

February 10, 2021

Sleigh bed With Storage

A Sleigh Bed with Storage, Classic and Functional

Slay it with a sleigh bed with storage. If you want a bed that will be the star of the bedroom and practical too then you need sleigh bed with storage. Indeed, these beds will win your heart and head. In fact, with a sleigh bed with storage, compromise has no place. In the fickle world of interior fashion, the sleigh bed has stood the test of time. Forever admired, often longed for and enduringly classic. When you own one of these elegant masterpieces you'll feel regal every night.

Sleigh Bed With Storage

Sleigh bed with Ottoman Storage

The king of the castle has to be the Ottoman sleigh bed. Unequivocally, the sleigh bed with storage is a premium model. Not only beautiful, the Ottoman Sleigh bed has maximum storage beating all other beds hands down. In fact, an Ottoman bed has up to four times the amount of storage as a 4 drawer divan. That's a whole lot of hoarding that nobody ever needs to know about! What's more, all these beds feature gas lift pistons so you won't break a sweat accessing your possessions. Here is a selection of these lust worthy beds.

Sleigh Bed With Storage

Kaydian Allendale Bed

The Allendale bed is ideal for those looking for a contemporary sleigh bed. With its uncomplicated design this bed exudes simple elegance. With copious storage on offer this bed delivers functionality that looks fantastic too.

Sleigh Bed With Storage

Birlea Castello Ottoman Bed

This sleigh bed with storage bed is no shrinking violet. In short, its magnificent proportions make this bed ideal for those who are looking for something substantial. Clearly the Castello is destined to take centre stage and this bed will add drama to any bedroom.

Sleigh Bed With Storage

The Whitford Ottoman Bed

If you're looking for a sleigh bed with storage then the Whitford should be a serious contender. Indeed, with it's equally balanced head and foot board this bed has all the curves in the right places.

Sleigh bed with storage

Sleigh Beds With Drawers

When looking at buying a sleigh bed with storage you may prefer to purchase a bed with drawers instead. Indeed these beds are often a more economical option whilst still supplying extra storage space. Additionally with many of our models you can chose to have two or four drawers.

Love Sleep Pietta Bed

One of our more recent editions, this sleigh bed with storage is proving to be very popular. Its buttoned backed headboard and foot board add to its timeless appeal. What's more the Pietta is transitional and so is suited to both modern and traditional bedrooms. Available in ten different fabrics you can fashion this bed to the look you want.

Sleigh Bed With Storage

The Sofia Sleigh Bed

The main advantage of the Sofia bed is that its proportions are neat making it accessible to a number of households. As sleigh beds are often quite long they simply can't fit into a lot of people's bedrooms. In fact, as a divan, the Sofia is only 19 cms longer than the mattress it holds. This makes this sleigh bed with storage a winner with many of our customers.

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