The Top 5 Sleep Myths Explored

November 08, 2020

Sleep myths

Sleep can sometimes appear like a bit of mystery. We all do it, we all talk about and yet somehow it still remains illusive. We've probably all heard our fair share of sleep myths and even bought into some of them. What's more, these myths can actually harm our heath, both physical and mental. Here at Beds On Legs we explore just some of the harmful sleep myths that abound.

sleep myths

Myth #1 You Only Need Five Hours Or Less Of Sleep

One of the biggest sleep myths about is that you only need five hours or less of sleep. Indeed , people regularly quote the fact that Margaret Thatcher survived on four hours of sleep. However, this simply isn't healthy. Indeed sleep deprivation can hugely impact health. From cognitive problems, to heart problems, the negative effects can be far reaching.

Myth #2 Alcohol Can Help You Sleep

We've all heard the myth that if you're struggling to get to sleep then a night cap will help. Whilst alcohol may help you to get off to sleep quicker the quality will be inferior. Most people will have disturbed sleep as well as it being non refreshing. So do yourself a favour a hit the hot chocolate instead.

Myth #3 Watching TV Is A Good Way To Wind Down Before Bed

Of all the sleep myths, this probably the one that the majority of us are guilty of. After a hard day at work it can feel all too tempting just to chill out with Netflix. However, TVs emit blue light. This blocks the production of melatonin, making it difficult to sleep. Therefore you need to ditch the box and pick up a good book instead,

Myth #4 Sleeping In At Weekends Can Make Up A Sleep Deficit

You've been burning the candle at both ends. So what do you do? Have a lazy weekend catching up on sleep of course! However, studies have proven that this binge type sleeping doesn't actually make up for most people's sleep debt. Furthermore, sleeping in a starve and binge cycle can in fact upset your internal sleep clock. This can then lead to further problems such as insomnia. Therefore, it is always best to stick to a sleep routine whenever possible.

Myth #5 Sleeping More Is Always Better

For those of you who are are married to their beds we're sorry to say but getting excessive sleep isn't good for you either. Most adults require between 7 and 9 hours sleep. Anything above this can be considered excessive. Oversleeping has been linked to physical and mental complaints such as heart disease and depression. Therefore if you're more in the land of nod than the land of the living you should try and reduce your sleep. If you genuinely feel like you can't then maybe a visit to the doctor is a good idea.

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