Go For Gold With A Ochre Fabric Bed

October 02, 2020

Ochre Fabric Bed

Light Up Your Bedroom With An Ochre Fabric Bed

If you 're tired of the gloomy winter then why not inject some colour into your home with an ochre fabric bed. Whilst grey beds have ruled the roost for the last few years colourful fabric beds are starting to fight back. Indeed, what could be better for cheering your mood up than an ochre fabric bed? Ochre is also a great way of injecting warmth into an interior scheme. An Ochre fabric bed is particularly suitable for those wishing to create a modern and zesty bedroom. Furthermore, decorating with ochre is not as difficult as it first appears. Read on to find out how going for gold might be the colour to make your bedroom shine.

Ochre Fabric Bed

What Colours Go With An Ochre Fabric Bed?

Investing in an ochre fabric bed might feel a little bit daunting. After all a bed in this colour is no shrinking violet. If you're used to decorating with neutrals then you might be wondering how to make this colour work. However, this dramatic colour teams wonderfully with a variety of other colours. If you're not ready to tear yourself away from grey just yet then fear not. Indeed, an ochre bed is a fabulous way of injecting a pop of colour into a otherwise grey bedroom. If you want to keep your bedroom feeling light and airy then use paler shades of grey. However, if you're looking to move over to the dark side then charcoal greys can create a bold and dramatic effect. Contrary to popular belief using darker colours can actually help create a feeling of warmth of cosiness.

If you want to create a vibrant botanical themed bedroom then try teaming ochre with forest green. You could incorporate botanical wallpaper to create a statement wall. Don't forget to decorate with lots of leafy house plants to really pull the whole theme together. If this all feels like a step too far then you can always dial the drama back by pairing this sunny colour with crisp white walls. If you want to add in other colours you can then do so with your soft furnishings and accessories. For more decorating inspiration then why not visit our Pinterest page.

Our Ochre Fabric Beds

We are always expanding our range of fabric beds and over the coming months we will be adding more ochre beds. Here is a sample of our best selling ochre beds.

The Palermo Ottoman Bed

The Palermo is a stunning bed that would light up any bedroom. Styled in a timeless way this bed will look fantastic for years to come. Upholstered in a luxurious velvet fabric, this bed feels as good as it looks. What's more this bed is made in the UK so you'll be supporting British manufacturing when you purchase it.

Ochre Fabric Bed

The Makayla

The Makayla bed has a retro vibe with it's rounded headboard and horizontal seams. Furthermore, this bed not only looks super sassy but it is practical too. This is because it is available with a number of storage options. Firstly, you can have this bed with up to four drawers. However, if you really want to maximise on storage you can invest in an Ottoman bed. Indeed, an Ottoman bed can house up to four times the amount as a standard four drawer divan. That's lot of extra squirrelling space!


Ochre Fabric Bed

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